Published on June 05, 2022

'85 Honda Today JW1

Here's something very simple for a change; a car that can get you from point A to B with little to no effort, with as little as fuel possible. Its pretty much a vehicle that you'd see every day outside but from the 90's - or is it? Originally made this car as a homage to Miyuki Kobayakawa's Honda Today featured in You're Under Arrest as it was an anime that I really enjoyed due to it's compelling story and the huge amounts of car references. From there, I decided to turn the model into a fully working addon since the model turned out better than expected. The result, a car addon that suits and fits in all your city build needs.


Supported Minecraft versions

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awesome!!!! may i aks you if you can make american police vehicles series? (and if it is possible, please add the working siren too)
Hey i have a request. if you don't take requests that's fine as well. but could you make a speed racer car addon? If you dont know what speed racer is it was my favorite movie back in 2008
Your work is simply beautiful, it shows the effort you put into each add-on, you should recreate the 1979 Mustang for Minecraft, a classic design, simple, beautiful and in my opinion undervalued
Amazing. Just amazing. Can you do the Honda city 1991 and 2022 as a part of the before and after series?