ActualGuns 3D

Do you like gun addons? like all-time popular ActualGuns addon, what about trying something new? Such as 3D Weapons! Then you should definitely try ActualGuns 3D, this addon is available for Minecraft bedrock edition.

Credits: PixelPoly Digital
Created by: Ash (Programmer & Animator), AzozGamer936 (Programmer), Wind_WL (3D Models & Textures), VVirog1804 (Item textures), Vulth (Showcase video), Veidt (3D Models & Textures), Mecha (3D Models & Textures)
Please make sure to read the eula.txt and the credits.txt provided in the addon for more information!

Note: the addon is best recommended for Windows 10 or High-end mobile devices, It may not work properly on some low-end devices, but still If you are facing problem with any sort of installation or even gameplay, please make sure to contact us on our discord server.

This add-on features 6 fully 3D weapons such as Taurus, M3 Shotgun, P90, and all-time famous AWP Sniper! That’s not enough, we tried our best to make the animations realistic, from reloading to aim, fire to draw, we basically have all animations for both third and first-person mode! This addon also doesn’t replace anything, meanwhile, this addon is only intended for Singleplayer and Adventure maps to use. It may not work in Multiplayer properly, the host can shoot, but other players can not use the guns full auto. This is purely a Minecraft bug, we can do nothing to fix this.

Tho, there are fewer guns in this release, we are looking forward to adding more in upcoming updates! Also, here are all the guns you can find in this add-on along with their info:

Video showcase:

AWP (Arctic Warfare Police) – Sniper

Barrett M82A1 – Sniper

Benelli M3 – Shotgun

FN P90 – SMG

Taurus PT92 – Pistol

Chain Grenade – Throwable

Addon doesn’t work on the latest beta, please make sure you are playing on the latest stable version of Minecraft.

Changelog View more

- Fixed shotgun and Taurus bullet fire issue from the server (behavior) side, it should sync with the client (resource) now
- Fixed M3 Shotgun bullet, now they spread and deals equal damage
- Reduced the lag by recreating the item textures, now they are 32x32 instead of 256x
- Fixed Taurus random animation bug that would cause the gun to resize in the same size as the player
- Added new function commands to get guns and mag/ammo


Supported Minecraft versions


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365 Responses

4.67 / 5 (140 votes)
  1. glizzy gobbler says:

    i cant find the guns can someone help me

  2. I am not UN Owen says:

    Although this is not very survival friendly or minecrafty at all, I just want to say that this stuff is amazing.
    Also, this does work in the latest betas, and the guns are also in the creative menu(but just in the wrong places)

  3. Block Studios says:

    For some reason the guns don’t damage, idk.

  4. MrAgentBlaze's Second Account says:

    Nice addon, but i can’t reload the gun, ive tried right clicking with the ammo like i do in AG2D but it doesnt work, then i tried the crafting reload, still doesn’t work, why?

  5. Toneryst says:

    Hello, why can’t I use this addon for multiplayer? If this is a Minecraft bug, can you find a way to fix this?

  6. Gopnik kat says:

    I found new bug on this addon :
    -Ammo looks Invisible on

  7. The VynuX says:

    Hello, I love this addon. I have suggestions for your next update!
    1.- Add guns that are unusual or bizarre, like PG3D guns, idk.
    2.- Add more melee weaponry, it would be a nice addition to this addon.
    3.- Maybe add NPCs that can interact with you, and give you guns, or something.
    4.- Add more explosive weapons: RPG, grenade launcher, etc.

    I hope my suggestions were helpful or inspiring somehow. Great luck with your addon!

  8. Davianortis says:

    Im thinking of making a map with this, am I allowed to?

  9. ItsDiscoCreeper says:

    I don’t know why it says it doesn’t work in multiplayer, because I tested it in multiplayer with some of my friends and it all worked just fine for us.

    Also, great addon! Hope you add more features in the future! 🙂
    Might I suggest a machine gun or minigun? 😀

  10. TheMixerGame says:

    Can you make this can use/attach attachment like holographic sight or silencer like that? oh and old add M4A1

  11. TriableAnddash says:

    can you make the ammo stackable pls. I want to have a pvp fight with this guns but we will have to fill our inventories with ammo

  12. Edgar John says:

    Works on Xbox?

  13. ash_master says:

    can you add crafting recipes for the gun pls

    btw love the add on

  14. Adowbong Manacc says:

    but it take time to get an update so i can make more gun sync packs even i need some screen record with internal audio

  15. 3DGunsadviser says:

    First of all that’s not more than 6 guns yet so please add about at least 7 guns in total PLEASE

  16. Gopnik kat says:

    Can i use it on my map? plis answer!!, i need your permission before upload it

  17. AcquiredWolf886 says:

    Ok I’m sorry for all the comments, its that some stupid shit with people saying that “your addon Isn’t that interesting.” Or, “Minecraft is meant to be for weapons not guns.” I’m sorry the first when I looked at this addon I was so hyped and this addon was actually good but I know your working your ass off and we really appreciate it but please PLEASE fix the bug where you have to switch between each item because it keeps firing when you keep holding it and shoot it once along with a couple of guns too, I know I’m really stupid for writing those other comments and I hope you have a great day.

  18. oxygen says:

    Ok i got some ideas fix he bug for xbox when they fire the gun they cant hear the gunfireing but they can hear the reloading. Add Ak-47 Frag grenade flame thower and Aug thats all I ask.. for

  19. AcquiredWolf886 says:

    Too many bugs and not that much weapons needs an better update and that’s why I use ace entities now for my world.

  20. Maker10 says:

    it doesnt work because of a “invaild zip archive” whatever that means

  21. bass rapier346827 says:

    Can you put an instruction manual into this page beacause i dont know were are the manual, that well be cool thank you for your time to read this ( if you do it)

  22. DBGGARP says:

    When the update you add more weapons?

  23. DvgGlitcher says:

    Hello I wanted to know if it was possible to craft the guns and ammo if so what are the craft

  24. SKA says:

    New Bugs in Minecraft guns 3D:

    1. The xbox player has something wrong when using the guns.
    2. all platforms don’t work with the left hand when using a gun.

  25. time_leader says:

    Can You Make “RUST”(Pc Game) Addon Please. I Really Want To Experience It

  26. RobeeSeth says:

    There’s this bug if you shoot in the water the bullets float, but its a good addon

  27. Answering FAQ:

    Q: What ARs are coming?
    A: AKM and M4A1

    Q: Why is it lagging?
    A: The items are 256x, but they have been resized to 32x. The ammo is still not resized yet, Ash will fix it in the upcoming update.

    Q:Crafting? where it is?
    A: There is a very low, low chance of it being implemented.

    Q: Is this multiplayer compatible?
    A: No, not really. However, you can shoot full auto, but you’ll need to switch to another slot to stop firing.

    Q: Why can’t I move while shooting?
    A: It’s called teleport recoil, I will assume that this Add-on is the first gun Add-on you have ever tried.

    Q: WW2 guns?
    A: Very unlikely.

    Q: Melee?
    A: Yes. Will come soon.

  28. wojtazet says:

    this is addon is very good it works well with multiplayer but there is two things that are missing
    1 .custom skins doesn’t work (the ones that you can customize in minecraft, now this is with every gun addon please fix it.
    2. add more guns please add like: ak-47,scar 20, scout, revlover , mp5, spas , double barrel shotgun, m4a1, uzi and that’s all

  29. For those who are begging for ars and aks, I just heard on their twitter that a green ak gun is gonna come out soon… Happy now?

  30. KenziKun says:

    Hello can u update a new gun?
    I have an idea
    3.Laser Gun
    Thats it

  31. AZGamerYT4387 says:

    Plz add AK-47, and Flamethrower, Grenade, and also, Grenade Launchers

  32. DonKayirv says:

    How did you make the items 3D. I tried looking into it but all I saw was a invisible PNG

  33. 2017mygame says:

    Is it ok if I use this mod in a map to upload it to this site? I will credit you.

  34. JoeBo says:

    Love the Addon! One problem I faced when trying to use this was that on Xbox the gun fires rapidly and only stops when switching items. Granted I was testing this with my phone as a host world so I wouldn’t go through the trouble of porting it without testing. Other than that good Addon!

  35. E_Dude says:

    Reloading does not work

  36. Creepium57 says:

    It’s a really good addon, but there are still bugs that need to be fixed. The bullet speed for the shotgun is very slow, so if you can fix that it would be greatly appreciated.

  37. the world time says:

    Can you add more guns?

  38. Luis Eduardo Romero says:

    aslo q funcione en reinos bro plisss

  39. Edgarjohnilag519 says:

    Nice I like it 3d guns! 👍👍👍⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  40. Exufo says:

    can u fix the console Edition im plying this add on in ps4

  41. Ender03Slayer says:

    I wonna know y i got the download button i pressed it and i dont even have the old version it said something about it not existing i looked at tons of comments but only me that i see i really like this mod and this has nothing to do with it but i rly dont like the minecraft logo replaced with the gun logo idk if that is still there bc i dont have it :/ saddd

  42. The VynuX says:

    I honestly like this addon, but not the creator. AzozGamer936, I don’t hate you. But I do hate the way you reply to people, with dumb comments like “didn’t ask G”, or “stupid”, or just simply nonsense. I bet you will reply me with something like “Didn’t ask g”, or some stupidity. At least be kind, if you lost a game in fortnite, or if your girlfriend broke up with you, it’s no one’s fault lol

  43. PashaKere says:

    How to get then?

  44. OOF lvl 1000 says:

    Can someone teach me how to reload QwQ I want to know real bad

  45. Rogercomander18 says:

    It’s a great mod and will you also make a military vehicle mod too. If so, great because I am trying to make a military RP game with a humvee and a tank and other kinds of vehicles too.

  46. Error2491009 says:

    I just got an idea from the cool addon another addon that your ability to craft the weapon in survival and base on history the ww2 weapon pack addon every single ww2 weapon in one addon pack that is craftable

  47. Gopnik kat says:

    Can i use it in my map? , i gonna credit the all creator

  48. Wesnat2412 says:

    This is the best gun Addon ever

  49. XXLgamerPRO200 says:

    Amazing! Never expceted to see a mod like that for mc windows 10

  50. Instinct.s says:

    Very cool can you add m4 next please

  51. SKA says:

    If you can’t do it multiplayer, report it to mojang and it will see the bug and fix it

  52. MMalkeK says:

    Can you even put the weapons on the trap hook?

  53. unclejeff123 says:

    Been looking for a nice, detailed gun mod forever. Finally found it. I’ve been using this with shaders on and it still works super smoothly (Keep in mind I play on an android tablet). And I know this is a work in progress but some more guns would be nice. =)

    Thanks for creating this mod.

  54. DarthGamer3012 says:

    Great addon but add the hk416, ak47 and most importantly, the M249

  55. ur_russian_comrade13 says:

    Can you please add the M4A1 please for the next future update?

  56. bluecubedude says:

    Does this support multiplayer and console, if not please add it

  57. MR.demon says:

    Oh my god the models looks so curse to me welp atleast there good!! I love it The mcpedl addon are evolving!

  58. PGMinh says:

    Funny how you don’t need the empty gun to reload but you can use ammo as the way to get gun

  59. Mel26g says:

    Can u add an update that allows u to stack ammo clips like original actual Guns

  60. Gopnik kat says:

    Good addon , i have suggestion : can you make minigunsa in future?

  61. PrinceMJ says:

    Another Amazing By Pixelpoly The Models, The Animations, Sound Design, The Textures It’s Perfect You Guys Outdid Yourselves Again A Treat To Make A Video On And Just To Have Fun With Good Luck On Future Project My Guys!!! 😀

  62. SKA says:

    Bugs on Minecraft with 3D guns:

    1- The left hand is disappearing when holding a gun.
    2- The android/IOS is crashing when throw on the ground.

  63. dorlonkho says:

    There is no better add-on in the world

  64. FireboyPE2921 says:

    can you fix the lag of awp and me and ammo to plz

  65. BUDDYGAMING7863 says:

    Yes finally i been looking for a 3d guns so when i saw this add-on its actually pretty good its a bit laggy though but good job keep up the good work 👍

  66. Redseaninja says:

    How to you Reload?

  67. Yoboiiiiiiiii says:

    Can you fix it for realms please


    Ok im going to fix all of my comments

    1. This is a freakin master peace

    2. Cant wait for next update

    3. Hey pixelpoly,great addon,hope your addon could be greater than vic’s modern warfare,a 3d gun addon from the stupid java users

  69. rodneyneerings455 says:

    can you add in a RPG or a bazooka

  70. dongbadao says:

    Amazing! You have done it! I have waited for it so long!

  71. DevastatorX5 says:

    I spotted a bug where equipped armor will stay in one position where is you move your arms it will have a weird freeze.

  72. LocalFace1094 says:

    I like this, but can u add assault rifles like ak-47 or something else plz

  73. LouisV says:

    Guns are still buggy, and there’s not much guns in this addon

  74. IcEWaRRiOr says:

    Wow, fantastic! You did it! o_O

  75. ash_master says:

    is there going to be a crafting recipe of the guns

  76. Antgamer1234YT says:

    Can you add npc like swat or terrorist and you can tame the swat members
    Armor would be cool too

    • DevastatorX5 says:

      Npcs would make the addon I got a Dinosaur hunter world where it’s perfectly normal no lag I was hate it if NPc(Swat is OK) like zombies are in the next update)

  77. Guys stop asking for them to add weapons, they know what guns are

  78. skachitape says:

    Reaload=use ammo

  79. GXholeCraft_Official says:

    Lovin It

  80. Maksy089 says:

    I really want this addon, i did everything correctly but i cant get the guns ingame can you help me??

  81. sub2popular387 says:

    Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho add csgo guns santa says

  82. 2rc3mijehtgcryjehawe says:

    how to reaload

  83. Philpgames says:

    Hello how can I get all of the guns


    Good work but i will be still using aceentities 3d guns addon until you make an update of more guns such as:
    Scar,m60,m249,awm,m416,negev,m28b and ammo update to activate the reload animation and to reload guns

  85. SwellHakkan says:

    Nice Guns but Can You Fix The Lag?
    Also Plz Add More Guns

  86. Potatocarrot2 says:

    All does months I try and try to find a good 3d guns mod and finally thank you

  87. Hellopeople1300 says:

    Noice But laggy

  88. PGMinh says:

    Hell yes, this is super cool.
    now we neeeed more guns.


  90. DevastatorX5 says:

    Finally A Guns addon without Zombies I’ve been waiting for one so that I can put it into my Jurassic survival world and please dont ruin it with zombies coz its really annoying

  91. Redanite says:

    This addon is absolutely amazing! But it would be perfect it there were no bugs, I have noticed a lot of bugs in this addon, for example, when reloading the pistol while crouching. The pistol will become the size of the player, if this addon had no bugs.

    I would rate a solid 5 stars!

  92. free thinker says:

    guys! this works on xbox! best mod I’ve seen on bedrock yet. the animations are great I can’t wait for future updates

  93. ZeroChan says:

    Just lovely, the perfect addon for shooting my enemy’s. Especially the zombies. This actually reminds me of the crafting dead they have guns to shoot at the zombies. Truly amazing

  94. Cpt Marks556 says:

    hey, can you make them craftable?

  95. Beautiful. Just amazing. But, I have a few suggestions: Can you make the recoil on the FN P90 be less and also allow for the player to shoot from side to side? Also, could you make the shotgun burst not be lower? Finally, if you can, please add an M4A1

  96. Modtech says:

    Can you make WW2 guns in the future

  97. Unknow Newbie says:

    I love this addon!
    But could you fix the bug, the function command won’t work

  98. miguel lex poli says:

    I had a problem with the add on, I added the commands in the chat but the gun disappeared

  99. Sarge1893 says:

    Is there a way to make it work on realms? I have some stupid bug where I can barely join other peoples worlds am no one can join mine, WiFi’s fine servers are fine but I can only play on realms and servers with others usually, but it’s not shooting on realms

  100. BossApollo79879 says:

    Can you craft these and they are awesome

  101. Edgyy says:

    This addon is amazing and doesn’t lag at all but I noticed some bugs with the animations, like it rendered the entire gun on my character once

  102. TO EVERYONE before you ask for more guns, THIS IS A BETA, more guns will be added in next updates, if you want to know more, you can follow ash/pixelpoly on twitter

  103. fourgalaxy says:

    PLZ make more pistols and make more auto rifles

  104. GripssPlayz says:

    Honestly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

    The website makes downloading easier than ever. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  105. Hello Pixelpoly I’ve been keeping up with this addon for a few months now. I really think that your hard work is amazing and I wanted to ask If you could make this addon work a little bit in multiplayer. When you try to play the addon in multiplayer the second player can’t shoot the gun at all. If you could fix this it would be amazing


  106. GolemGladiator1 says:

    First off this addon is amazing and I have enjoyed playing and using the weapons.
    The detail is beautiful and animations are crisp and nice.
    I really cant wait to see where this addon goes!

    I do have some questions though.

    1. Would one be able to make a adventure map with this addon with full credits an attribution as long as its free?
    2. How long did this addon take to make?

    keep up the good work,

  107. AlexCostgm18 says:

    very good this addons I liked a lot .. it would be nice if it had craft to use in survival but even so the addons n leave something to be congratulated for the developers.

  108. PMoon says:

    Hell yeah it’s finally out. Together we can get the same level of quality as Java edition mods with Bedrock Addons and I cant wait. The animations are pretty smooth and the models are clean. It has a few bugs that aren’t that serious but that’s expected considering nothing is perfect afterall. I’m looking forward to what this add-on will bring and the new era to come. Now, to the retards; the lag is caused by your device. No it’s not multiplayer friendly, those are Mojang bugs as far as I’m aware. That is all for now, sayonara.

  109. Gamershy says:

    Psst. Your EULA means nothing. Mojang EULA overrides it.

  110. Dragon Black says:

    Muito irado,mas único problema mesmo é que as armas são detalhadas demais,e meu celular não aguenta tudo isso,eu gostaria muito se fizesse uma outra versão do addon com os detalhes mais baixos.

    • minecraft is my Iife says:

      Ouça, você deve ter um iPhone muito lixo. Quero dizer que mod é suposto suportar como um iPhone 5, se você tem algo pior do que isso então você tem um telefone flip quero dizer vamos lá.

  111. minecraft is my Iife says:

    Holy shit this mod the best

  112. Pineapple647 says:

    How do you actually get the guns??? Also when I downloaded it I only got a resource pack, should I have also got a behavior pack???

  113. Scp FAN898 says:

    Man i love the addon is Very cool, but has a problem when reload the sniper the sight gets buggy

  114. ToastyZ says:

    this is amazing work, I can’t wait for you to add more weapons. Also joined your discord server

  115. Best. Addon. Ever. 5 stars all the way. I did here that there will be more updates in he future, for anyone wondering. Probably shouldn’t have leaked that but oh well 🙂

  116. Sruvy says:

    is it only for beta? cuz i cant use it

  117. nice, could you collab with Azoz to make the whole of his AG 3D? that would be the best addon in MC.

  118. Hmmm, interesting addon. But does it have the classic AK-47? No, but it’s still great!

  119. CycloneRageNation381 - Gaming. says:

    noice. all i need is that add more guns and more throwable grenades

  120. StuffierAxisPro says:

    I Can’t Download 😣


  121. just3on1 says:

    The guns are great but needs some tweaking
    awsome addon keep the good work
    List of guns you may add
    6.micro uzi

  122. Estelmayer says:

    Its beautiful. No lag even tough I have an iPhone 6s

  123. This addon will kill any 3D gun addon competitors because of its golden qualities and animation

  124. FlossingWig250 says:

    Holy Mary, mother of Joseph it’s beautiful

  125. DiamondPickaxe23 says:

    Oh my god, yes! It’s finally out! But… what happened to the green AK rifle that you posted on Twitter?

  126. ScubaDiving Squirrel says:

    I hear so many kids complaining about lag and here’s what I have to say-
    How the actual HELL are they supposed to fix it? That lag is cuz of YOUR device. It’s NOT their fault!

  127. Philpgames says:

    This is really cool but I don’t know how to get the guns so please help me

  128. The addon is cool and will gunskins be supported?

  129. LC Studios says:

    Very cooooooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!
    This add-on like a SCP: Collaboration mod by Julius Scizzor

  130. Also, a lot of people didn’t notice this, but every time I shoot the guns, I slowly look upwards… Was that intentional or just a bug? Please remove that if it’s intentional, if it’s just a bug, please fix it. The only weapon that doesn’t lag was the Chain Grenade.. The guns are the ones that lag so badly… Please fix this.

  131. Unlike the 3D Portal Gun Addon, the Actual Guns Addon has guns that are very laggy and I don’t know why.. Please fix that lag please..


    This is awesome but it lags a lot could you fix it at least?

  133. chairocchi says:

    Really great addon! I can’t wait for someone to make a post-apocalyptic survival map using this addon.

  134. Rockythemaster says:

    omg this is the best quality mod ever in mcpe

  135. RedError says:

    First of all “peace is no longer an option”

    A mod complete with reload animation and sound I love it.

    Although it works for me (low-end device user) but laggy but still playable. Like the M3, awp, and Barrett due the amount of detail it put into it. For the p90 and Taurus wasn’t laggy.

    Third is armor where the armor doesn’t move apparently. When using the M3, awp, Barrett

    Lastly for some reason, using the Taurus I can’t shot continuously (as in hold the screen to keep shooting) where it actually does the shooting sound but doesn’t do dmg nor ammo get used in the progress.

    Ps, if anyone else read this and wanna send the msg to the creator go ahead I allowed it.

  136. Torete9106 says:

    Can you add revolvers pls?


  137. ash_master says:

    can you add crafting recipes for the guns plz

  138. DarkoKL says:

    Add dual-wielding pistol,flashbang and revolver

  139. You Have Made Myy Dream Come True 3d Snipers and Pistols And Now I shall wait for an ar

  140. This is the best Gun Addon I ever see
    I will credit you if I use this Addon to my map🙂

  141. SKA says:

    Yea, finally.
    3D guns, only it need update

  142. Finally! Awesome addon PixelPoly! ( 9 uwu)9

    Good thing you posted the add-on, because imma make a zombie apocalypse map with your addon…
    Is it ok if I could use this add-on of your?

    I will give credits to your addon for my mcpe map..

  143. Dj Alex Crash says:

    This is a beast mode!

  144. are ya coding son says:

    is this have crafting recipe in survival?

  145. Battle Craft Official says:

    The models are good honest opinion but the guns are buggy like the Taurus and kindly fix multiplayer if you can tho that’s all nice addon

  146. Matrich says:

    Good just needs more guns

  147. Dj Alex Crash says:

    Create AKM, SVD, Deagle, Glock 17, M4 and skin for AWM/AWP

  148. grinx says:

    Wew, the gun models look very detailed. Excited to try them out!

  149. Xbox_One_Modder says:

    We are literally getting into the area of Java edition mods here. Amazing!

  150. Ammar khan 47 says:

    Please make it craftable

  151. are ya coding son says:

    is this craftable on survival?

  152. BushQuotient319 says:

    WOW! I loved actual guns, I surprised my little brother with that mod and he loved it! This will be great! Thanks!

  153. Breathingisfornerds says:

    This is just…wow

  154. Bobmcpe21 says:

    Wow this addon is great and very detailed but I am facing one problem, I cannot play multiplayer with others, other players in my game cannot shoot. But overall your addon is great and fun for single player

  155. awsome229 says:

    Wow! Just. Wow! This looks absolutely insane! Very, very good job on this! These models look fantastic! And the animations are awesome! Good job everyone!

  156. Comparedtub54 says:

    Its not multiplayer 😔

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