Published on August 25, 2022 (Updated on April 02, 2024)

New blocks, boss and more - After Euler (v2.6.2)

After Euler is a fantasy addon that includes new structures, bosses, weapons and more!


This is my very first mod, my intention was to create unique final bosses who challenge the most experienced try hard players who want to include in their worlds a final boss. For you to have a good experience when facing final bosses I recommend you to use upgraded weapons and go with a group of players. Currently this mod is in early stages so many balance changes may be done over time. Now you can upgrade your gear and weapons to increase your chances of winning. Many updates are planned to be released till this mod is completely finished. 

Almost all of these bosses now naturally spawn and they have a custom structure.

This add on now works in Minecraft 1.20.30!

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Version 2.6.2 Changes:

-Some custom sounds have been added or replaced.

-Guerrero's target selection fixed.

-New toxic drones have been added.

-A new boos has been added.

-New robo bombs have been added.

-Some items textures have been updated so they look better.

-New pet drones have been added.

-A new structure has been added.

-Two new blocks have been added.

-Robo bomb now naturally spawn in savannas.

-A new tool has been added.

-A balista upgrade has been added, the toxic turret.

-A new toxic gun has been added.


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Hello guys. I have no idea how discord works but some of you have been asking me for creating a discord server so you can go check my After Euler video posted here (the one for the dragon) in the description I have added a link to the discord server. In the future I will post the link here. (in the comments section I'm not allowed to share links so I have to send the request just to add a link)
This addon is really cool! The structures, the mobs, the bosses are really well made but unfortunately sometimes I get kicked with a message saying ‘server sent broken packet’ if you could fix this then this addon would be my favourite
GINICHIRAKUROMAN_NOODLES April 03, 2024 at 6:15 pm
Can you please change the links to bstlar, linkvertise is annoying to deal with and have a limit to how many add-ons you can download.
Remember that in the After Euler discord server I always share an ad free link to get the addon's file.
The download file is still 2.6.1 and discord link expired
discord server link doesn't work (using the one in the description of the update showcase videos, says link is invalid)
still doesnt want to let me join..... guess its just broken for me :(
the rp link keeps saying "429 too many requests" could you put it on the same thing as the bp link?
if you are having any issues you can join the discord server. There I always share the mod file with no ads
GINICHIRAKUROMAN_NOODLES February 18, 2024 at 7:31 pm
Will dungeon Inquisitor get his own structure?
can i use mod for mincraft review
of course, just remember to provide this page link.
Update new 1.20.51
hey man this is one of my favorites mod bu the only thing that really annoying is the nether boss
valmurth I think can you just lower his spawn rate
I made some changes in the last update trying to make him less annoying reducing his spawn rates and the minimum distance from which he despawns. However I've notice that he still needs some changes so in the next update I will completely modify the way Vaalmurth spawns in the Nether.
Maybe you can make a mob that is a decayed knight? Like a soldier that died and transformed into a zombie. Just a small suggestion. And great mod! :D
Actually this mod will have some zombie characters so I will certainly add something like that.
can you add a new boss ultra violent just search in YouTube it's is a geometry dash boss.And that boss is so cool