Published on April 18, 2019 (Updated on April 18, 2019)

Amplified Bedrock (1.12 BETA ONLY)

Amplified Bedrock is a behavior pack that aims to emulate the "Amplified" world option of Java Edition for Bedrock using the all new biome customisation options in 1.12 Beta. Yay

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The update that broke this makes the worlds cooler XD all the worlds are stone
Not for the new biomes because Lush caves and the deep dark are unaffected hey
Does it work with 1.16?
it made the whole world made of stone
Seems to have been broken by a update. Now it causes all biomes to be completely made out of stone and have very shallow lakes. Can you please remake it?
now with 1.13 out does this pack still work if so how do i get 1.12 beta
It would be cool to do something similar except with beta/alpha terrain while keeping the new biomes.
Hey Ryfol, can you please make a add-on that shrinks the biomes on bedrock similar to the smallest option available on the legacy console editions? I would love that since the biomes are so huge in this version.
seed: 895160902
Location: 339,95,805
add Wonderful Biomes for Flare!!!!
Wow if you look hard enough you cna find what is pretty much a dried out ocean in a mountain biome. There are underwater structures there. This is a wonderful addon!
Are you able to make new armor without replacing the old ones
Great job Ryfol!