Published on April 19, 2019

Kind'a Superflat Bedrock

Since releasing Amplified Bedrock yesterday i have been asked soooo many times to make a superflat world gen.. so here it is.

It is kinda flat in that ocean floors aren't flat.


  • KindaFlatBedrock.mcpack

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Update this addon now.
Everyone is complaining
It doesn´t work, it makes an stone biome for every chunk loaded, and the games that you load with this addon, new generated chunks also load as stone, sad but WE NEED AN UPDATE
It doesn´t work, with 1.13 makes the entire world an rock world, simply just doesnt work now
I dunno if this is possible, but I think a Floating Island generation would be really cool. You would have to use the end generation algorithm but it would be like Buffet world generation but with different biomes.
Can you show the original source files for editing biomes?
I'm interested in this too.
I think a volcanic biome could work out well. If you can, also having massive caves in some mountain bikes could be really cool!
Can you create a custom loot drop for skyblock. Like zombies drop gravel and husk drops sand?
Harrythemagician13 April 20, 2019 at 8:38 pm
Theres a teribble idea
Aiden Whitcher Estrada April 20, 2019 at 2:59 am
i cant get addons for my pocket edition trial, but i can get it on my pc full version....,.,,,,,,,,,.,.,.,.,,,.
Will this work for 1.10?... pretty sure not right?... oh okay ill just download 1.12 thanks! ?
I like how the screen shots are pictures of a not super flat world and that PE already has a super flat world option.
1) That's the flatest addons can do
2) *mega facepalm* Flat worlds don't have biomes. People want flat biomes.
Wasteland biome?
Faz mini-biomas para ser mais fácil encontrar recursos.
Is it possible to make a fantasy biome with custom colors for the grass and trees. Plus, with custom tree models.
Fassa um bioma com uma nova árvore, com um tronco novo e folhas novas com até frutos novos que caem da árvore.