Published on January 23, 2018 (Updated on May 26, 2019)

Enhanced Vanilla Shader

A Lightweight Minecraft Bedrock Shader for IOS and Android. From the Developer of Simple Shader and SS10. 

This shader only adds lighting improvements and shadows to keep it as lag free as possible

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Replaced links with direct upload to MCPEDL. is no longer available all updates will now be directly through MCPEDL 


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Need To Be Update
PLEASE UPDATE THIS 🥺🙏 this pack is the only one I use, all other shaders are too bright and vibrant, this one is perfect! (If you can’t update it because of render dragon then you don’t have to)
can i aks permission to use your pack in my own pack? pls😀
If this shader will no longer updated

Maybe you can update the supported version to the minecraft.........1.17
Cuando descargo el pack de la versión 1.0.1 en mi minecraft 1.16.221 me dice que NO ES UN ARCHIVO ZIP VALIDO, que hago la versión de el 1.0.2 me da la luz blanca. porfavor ayuda :(
Guest-5069748025 May 25, 2020 at 8:09 am
why the blocks are now invisible??
Bro the download its no work, I need this amazing shader :D
Please upload to MediaFire or mega.
Best regards.
but pack is not updated
Este para mi era el mejor shader para bajos recursos, pero la verdad es que el detalle de porque le doy 2 estrellas es porque la luz es de color blanco y deberia ser naranja (xd). la verdad se ve supor feo que la luz sea blanca...
What happened to the shader? In the images the light has an orange color but in the game the light has a lighter and white color.
use version 1.0.1
I had been using this shader for over 4 months but then it stopped loading in the textures? This was also working during 1.13 So there shouldn't have been a reason for it to stop working? Overall it was the best!

On android
When it was working it was the best! But then the textures stop loading in?.. But overall it was very good
Was working before but then the Textures stopped loading??
Can you make it work on Mc Window10 edition, I really love this shader pack but it's not working on my PC. When I use it on my pc, the lightning went wrong its turn to bright white color. It's used to be warm orange-ish color
Could you please make a zip. file? That would be really useful. Thank you.
It is not the same as a mcpack it is a different file type you cant just rename it!! If that were true than i could take a java edition mod and rename it to a mcpack!!
.mcpack is the same as a .zip just with a different name, just rename EnhancedVanilla.mcpack to
O for crying out loud!! Thats not how it works!!!
The shaders look amazing! It keeps it original theme to the mincraft world and it looks gorgeous with it soft lights and amazing shadows!

The only problem I have is some of the lights look green and the plants, when next to a torch or lattern, look grey and dead.

Hopefully you'll be able to fix that! Amazing Job!