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Published on December 27, 2019 (Updated on December 27, 2019)

Animation Creator!

In this map you can create your own animations within Minecraft!. 20 different layers to fill and capture on the screen of the cinema built in this world. In addition, the map already has a built-in animation created by me

This is the cinema where what you place along the 20 frames will appear on that white wall

This is the mechanism, please do not modify it if you do not have the necessary knowledge regarding the commands. It could damage the mechanism

For the animation to start you need to press the button that you see in the next photo

Here are the 20 frames (they're already full because I made my own animation)

To the right of each box it indicates what frame number it is and you also have a button that erases all the blocks within the yellow and black frame

Everything you represent within this yellow and black frame will be reflected on the movie screen

Here's a small sample of how it works

The machine works at 5 fps (frames per second)

To make the animation look as smooth as possible, it is recommended to minimize the graphics

If you do a review to me map please place the link of this post in the description


If the .ZIP file is downloaded, you must unzip it and move the folder to games / com.mojang / minecraftWorlds / If you download a .Mcworld file you just have to open the file with the Minecraft application

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Ad-fly? Seriously?
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is it compatible with 1.14.60
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innapropriate ads and also just DONT use
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could you please remove adfly as download site and use something better?
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Can you update it to support I will give it 5 stars if you do.
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Dude go check the people on defend the people game thy gone crazy thy keep saying #we_wann_guard idk i dont try the game but yeah!
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How Do u Add More Frames?
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