Auto Planting Saplings Addon Pack

This Function Pack and saplings plant themselves on the ground if they are on a grass block. This makes minecraft more realistic. The saplings do not need to be dropped on the ground they can come from leaves of the tree previously broken. 

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commands only run when a sapling item is on the ground.

now activates automatically without placing a command block  

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Can you make a mod for auto planting seeds? That would really help with fully automatic farms.
Fix your broken link... How is anyone supposed to download this function addon if they can't even get to the page to download it
u need to make it
plant instantly
How do i find more by him
If you didn't use adfly I would've tried it -_-
adly is the worst bruh, atleast linkvertise is better than adfly
when you allow notifications from adfly, they just immediately spam your notifications with scams and inappropriate ads
Pls make this work with mushrooms as well
Which means dark oak saplings will not work
Does this work on the whole map or only within the radius of the command block?
It will work if the command block is in a ticking area, or in other words: a loaded chunk.