Published on June 25, 2019 (Updated on March 01, 2022)

Vein Miner Addon Pack

This Addon Pack adds a mod in the Java Edition called Vein Miner in Bedrock Edition. This pack makes mining easier as it breaks all the ores that are adjacent to the one you broke.

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does it work in version 1.19.50?
(Apakah itu berfungsi di versi 1.19.50?)
it wont for for logs like it says it will can you pls fix that
I liked it more without the sneaking part
and the sneaking part probably causes incompatibilities too
If this has the vein miner add on to the gravel blocks which I don't know if this mod does I'd advise you to remove it off the gravel blocks if you break gravel it'll lag HARD and may cause people or friends even random to crash your game by having there stupid ideas of a Lag Moschino just with the gravel block and come to think of it now make it where it works with natural ores generated in the minecraft preloaded world and make it be disabled for people getting the ores by silk touch so they don't make there own Lag machine with the veinminer
Pls tell how to add a block
I know this is an older thread, but has anyone had any luck getting this to work on realms? I installed this on my single player world and it works just fine. When I upload the world to the realm - even though the add-on is uploaded with it and activated, it work. Is there something I'm missing
Sorry. Meant to say that it *doesn't* work when uploaded to the realm. I really need to proof read.
Guest-1871772328 May 18, 2020 at 7:00 pm
Mods dont work on realjs experimental gameplay isnt an option for realms
Guest-9659972557 May 18, 2020 at 7:05 pm
It doesnt work when used with other mods
Non experimental add-ons work perfectly on realms, expect for custom food being kinda buggy
Do "/gamerule commandblockoutput false", then get a repeating command block, hide it somewhere in the realm and put "/function vein-run" inside of it. Also stand on top of the command block and do the tickingarea command and make a tiny tickingarea using that
This not working
does the 1.12 one work with education edition 1.13?
im guessing 1.14.4 is a long way off??
it didn't work when i press shift on win10
Can you help me out here? Im using a xbox one and its not working when i download it, i have file downloader and ufo.transfer and im using them to download it but its still not working when i put it in the folder. Does amyone know how to fix this?
Tienes que convertirlo a .zip
This mod is not working for me (I play on Xbox One)
Is this meant to work with granite, diorite, and andesite as well? Because for me it does. It does make clearing out chunks easier but it seems a little bit broken
Tree feller and vine miner doesn’t work for me
Tree capacitor doesn't seem to be working for me on my realm. Mining still does though