Published on July 12, 2019 (Updated on July 31, 2019)

Better Spawners Function Pack (Big Update)

This function pack adds a way for players to get mob spawners in survival. This adds endless posibilities for aoutomation farms. It adds spawners that we cannot obtain in survival too like creeper etc.

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Added a ton of new obtainable mobs spawn eggs to spawners in survival 

fixed bugs (a lot of)


  • Better Spawners.mcpack

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It doesn't work. I can't open it because it says it isn't a valid zip archive
How to donaload? It brings me to a page that won’t load and it isn’t working
You can't shear sheep dude
Person who helps people do things and stuff October 23, 2019 at 8:52 am
Hey, just in case you didnt know, animals cant breed with this addon active because the item needed to make animals breed is being set as the "breed_item" when it should be set as the "breedItem".
I made a video with a shoutout to this addon!
Bugs found:
- cows,pigs,chickens,mooshrooms,ocelots,horses. Dont drop eggs unless they are babies
- cant breed animals with behaviour pack active
Found a few bugs:
- "Cows/Mooshroom/Pigs/Ocelot/horse/chicken" only drop eggs if they are babies
- cant breed animals with behaviour pack activated
if you have to leave cheats on why even get the addon???
Having addons will disable achievements anyways
Because if you have addons on a world you cant get any achievements
Awesome idea!

Love the idea of earning a spawn egg for the spawner and overall being able to get spawners in survival!
The only thing I think you should change is that you should require the diamond pickaxe to have silk touch but other than that great addon!
Good mod but function packs got a limited radius not gonna be good in multiplayer it would be perfect if u can make it work without command block(function pack)
Not if you setup a tickingarea