Published on May 27, 2019

[BC] The Arena [Minigame]

[BC] The Arena is an arena style map, with 10 waves of increasing difficulty zombies, and two boss battles. This is meant to be incredibly challenging, and hard. It should take a few deaths.



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Mcworld file doesn’t work. Can you please fix it
I couldn’t get it to import. Do we need 1.12? Nice map, according to the pictures.
It should work on 1.11.4, can you send me a screenshot?
Can I play this map with friends?
Yes. If you have more than two players, then you will want to give everyone the following:
Stone Sword with mending
Lingering potion of healing II
Potion of regeneration II
Chainmail Chestplate

The only problem would be whenever someone dies, everyone will be teleported to the spawn point. To fix this, when you enter the world, and start the game, type [/setworldspawn] and this will fix it. If it does not, then type [ /op @a ], then have everyone type [ /spawnpoint @s ]. If none work, then ask me.