Published on July 01, 2019 (Updated on August 15, 2023)

BEMZ | Survival Games

Survival Games is a gametype built around the core of Minecraft; surviving. 24 tributes are spawned with nothing on the map, with one goal: to be the last alive. You must use your skills to discover supply crates to get weapons and food to aid you on your quest. You can form teams, or kill anything that steps in your way. Just remember, only one person can be the champion.

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media fire link pls
Can you add bots so we can play with
How many players are required to start?
Zcvvv nb
This would be perfect if the shulker boxes didn’t start to float after 30 seconds
I can’t figure out how to load this on mobile I don’t know if it works on mobile
How do I stop shulker boxes from floating
best survival games map ever
Can You Add Kits
Lean el mas pro
It sucks! all the boxes are at the sky. how im suppose to get it?
Hello! Thank you for your response to my map. With regards to your problem, please could you ether PM me on Twitter, or join my discord and open a ticket.
Thanks! ~BEMZ
How do you get to the discord??
could u make this into a 1.12 version?
Hello! Thanks for your reply, I am currently building an update that will move that map to 1.12 :P
Minecraft now is on 1.13.
Y’all took mineplex’s SG logo
Hello! Thanks for posting a response to my map! The logo has been taken from Mineplex's server. This has been credited in the bottom left of the art work.
Hello. I would like to join your team. It's possible?
Hello! Thanks for posting a response to my map! Currently I am not looking for anyone to help out making maps.