Published on May 26, 2019 (Updated on May 26, 2019)

BEMZ's Minigame Mashup

Welcome To BEMZ's Minigame Mashup. This map is made up of 30-40 Different "mini-mini-games". Average around length is 5-10 mins, as you can tell. These are very quick competitive and random game modes.

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It was fun helping u make this map I love it!!
This map is broken and nearly trash , none of these game are acctually fun and theres just 10 or below game
most of the levels are broken
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An Amazing map if you ignore the issues. just disappointing it only has 9 map when it says on above " This map is made up of 30-40 Different “mini-mini-games” " The redstone puzzles are broken and not fun. the move the block puzzle : all you have to do is run to the end, extend the piston and your up. no blocks moving. and the redstone logic puzzle : just stand at one side and run in a line and hit every lever. still Great for a few seconds of fun if you download this map
Thanks for the honest feedback! I was working on an update to this map, but unfortunatly my PC broke and i had to reset it. I am releasing a map very soon that will satisfy you!