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Published on July 30, 2020 (Updated on July 30, 2020)

Beta Title Screen World

Recently some people have found the seed to the title screen that started appearing  in Beta 1.8 so I thought it would be awesome to bring it to bedrock. I slowly brought it up through the versions of Minecraft until I got to 1.16 and converted it to Bedrock

The Title Screen World in Beta 1.7.3

The Title Screen World in Bedrock 1.16

One thing I find really interesting is that the cloud pattern is the same in both the Beta pictures and in the Bedrock 1.16 Picture! Go See yourself! I also like how you can see the changes Minecraft has gone through through the years like biome colors and graphics.

The people that found the seed Here

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  • Changed the description because is called the map the wrong thing every time lol

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ALL parts of the beta screen aside the terrain looks pog
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Pack.png World For Bedrock!
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Some player has found the pack.png seed in Alpha 1.2, can you make that?
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