Better Destroy Progress (Custom Block Breaking Animation)

Fun and useful texture pack that allows you to change the block destruction animation in 6 different types. Can use in global resource packs, worlds and servers. See more ...

Hi. It's been a long time since that I've made the last Addon. But anyway I've decided to update this pack and add 3 more types. Now there are 6 types of Block Breaking Animation!
If you don't know what is this pack about, Basically, It changes the texture of block destroy progress. You can change the old breaking texture to new and fancy ones!
This pack also could be useful in servers and PvP's in addition of fun and standard usage.
Without further to go, let's see what this pack got.


Rounded Bar:

This is actually my personal favorite. It goes around block and block will break when comes back to its start point. Could be useful for servers and modern resource packs. 😀

Battery Charge! (suggested by Mr.Catty)

"This one looks kind of cute". Indeed but I apologize for gif qualities(I should have done that to decrease the files size). 😸

Surrounded Edges:

 I don't need to describe it. But somehow I feel it's good to use in skywar games or so. 🤔

Numeric progress:

This one is also nice. I felt in vanilla Minecraft mood. Good old days 😅

Colorful Circle:

This changing-color pie chart is recommended for everyone, Specially people in stonks 📈

Alternate Destruction:

It's just an alternate destroy animation. Instead of breaking the center and expand in vanilla version, It beaks from the edge and you are able to see the center of block 🧐

Overall, If you bored from the ugly looking vanilla block breaking animation, this pack is waiting for you to download it and use it 😊
And feel free to comment your Ideas and suggestions down below. But Don't forget to subscribe to the notifications for more updates and Addons Up to the page.
Also see other packs that I've made and thank you very much
Made by [email protected], AliJoon ❤❤

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* Added 3 new Block destroy animation:
Battery charge!
Surrounded edges
Colorful circle
* Tweaked the texture of Numeric progress


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4.Now, you should be able to download from Mediafire and use it :)

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Hey! Soo i had an idea for an animation! when you start breaking the block an HP bar appears (like the player's) and each time it got broken it would lose 1 heart.
you can add an animation looking like loading in center of block.
are you going to adapt this resourcepack for 1.17 and 1.17.1?
Alternate Destruction strikes me as the best because it feels like it's Minecraft vanilla. The only problem I see is that in the end the block breaks suddenly. Looking at the files I notice that it has 5 stages only to represent the bottom part, and then only 2 for the top part. It might sound stupid but it feels pretty weird, not like steady progress in destroying the block.
Thank you for downloading this pack and hope you have enjoyed it. But something I would like to tell is I can't update the pack because of one or two suggestions. Before release of the update I need more Ideas from you to pick the best of them and add a few more custom animations. hope you understand that.
Hey, can u please look into the block breaking animation used in the simply cubed pack which is available in marketplace...I didn't find any animations like that on any site....please do will be awesome! Thanks!
Looks like the creator ditched this pack, I can take requests.
Hey...make another custom breaking....The cooldown custom breaking???
You should add the outline thing, but rainbow :)
I mean the rounded bar one
sadly, that gear doesn't appear.
I'm sure there is something you are doing wrong.
Try to search internet videos for how to change the resource packs resolution.
how do you toggle this pack?, to the different animations, sorry i'm very new to using texture packs for windows 10.
First go to Global Resources in settings and active the pack.
Then in the list of activated packs, Click on the pack. You will see a gear icon next to the check mark icon. Click on that.
Then you should be able to change the texture type you want by scrolling the bar.
Hope it is helpful ?
sadly, that gear doesn't appear.
Also you can send DM to my discord. The discord ID is in user page where you could find other addons I've made :)
I would like to talk about two animations that should be added but it would be too long to write it here so if you want to talk about it, just reply and add me on Discord. My Discord is: Redwolf#1741
Pls add a addfly link to the one you have does not work for me but cool pack
bruh W H Y (also im on PC so ye :p)
This addon is fantastic Great for destroying blocks
make one like the vanilla breaking animation but make the block become like a full black block at the last stage of breaking.