Purpled End

A very simple addon that would change everything related to end from GREEN to the nice original PURPLE! Recommended for all Minecraft players and Mojang itself :b check it out...

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Changed and added the alternate links in case if the first one is not working for you
Changed a description a little bit

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The pack name is obfuscated 😂
The color of purple and black for END devices are much better because more END MOBs have black and purple. Thank you for doing this.
Amazing pack!
You should consider making the dragon egg spots a bit more purpley.
Hey creator, you have the wrong link, it lead me to mediafile analyst.
I really want this pack in my survival world
Pls help
It says it is that media fire is not mobile friendly and if you go down to the bottom you can type in the given code and get redirected to the download.
Can you be more specific I don't have any give code
pls help me
The link is just a redirector. You should wait for 5 seconds than you should complete CaptCha shown in place of time counter. Than you will wait a bit to redirect to the Mediafire.It's for preventing bots to have access to download link in MediaFire.
Wow! I love it so much! Purple is perfect!
Woah amazing Job! Tysm! Could u pls make it 32x32? I would be very thankful :)
I did the same thing with my own custom textures but my purple colours are different Savvy
Thank you!Idk why Notch changed endermen eyes to be purple but not the end related stuff... It broke the whole end theme.