Published on August 15, 2020 (Updated on April 03, 2022)

Better Foliage Addon/Texture Pack for Bedrock - Update 2.0

This Texture Pack/Addon is inspired from different Minecraft Java Foliage mods and it aims to make the in-game foliage more denser and less repetitive by changing textures,models,adding variants to all the in-game foliage and also adds Falling leaves,New Features and New plants.

You can use this as a Texture Pack alone or use it with the Behavior Pack for a bunch of more features such as Falling leaves, New plants and other things.

Texture Pack:


You can choose either Round Leaves or Bushy Leaves from the GEAR icon.

Round leaves

This model is recommended.

Bushy leaves

They have some visual bugs such as they dont have biome dependent color, they turn red in snowy areas and jungle leaves are messed up on mobile.

You can also choose vanilla leaves from the GEAR icon after applying.

Each flower has 4-6 variants.

-Grasses and ferns:
They have up to 9 variants and the grass block has a new texture as well.

-Lily pads:

They will have a flower on top with 6 different variations and the lilypads have 8 different variations and they can also be without flowers.

-Sugar canes:

They have a 3d model.


The top part of the kelp will have flowers and may also be without flowers. 


The top part of the seagrass now resembles cattails which have different variants and they will also pop out of water if on a block close to the surface. 

-Cacti and deadbush:
Cacti have variations with flowers and dead bush has a mini cacti variant.

-Mushrooms & vines:

Mushrooms and vines have different variants.


All crops have 3 variants.

-Nether foliage:

Nether sprouts have a denser model and the other nether plants have different variants.


Behavior Pack: 

Falling Leaves animations and other in-game clips: 

-Falling Leaves:

Leaf particles will fall from any type of leaves within a 10 block radius. They also interact with blocks i.e they will stay on the block they have fallen on for a while before disappearing and there will be extra particles when used with my shaders.


Fully grown apples and growing apples can be found spawning under oak trees in forests. They have 5 stages of growth (stem,flowered stem,small green apple, big green apple, red apple/golden apple) and you can also use bonemeal to speed up their growth

There is also an extremely rare chance that a Green Apple will turn into a Golden Apple 

Each grown apple when broken or sheared will be replaced by a stem which will eventually grow into a new apple

-Red apples drop minecraft apples

-Golden apples drop minecraft golden apples

-Big green apples drop a new food item (Green Apple) which restore 1 hunger bar

-Other stages do not drop anything and only fully grown apples are replaced by a stem. Furthermore, you can use shears to get the Placeable apples which can only be placed under oak leaves.


Cattails are a new plant which can be found spawning alongside rivers and in swamps.They dont have any special purpose and you can use shears to get the Placeable Cattails.


Shrubs are also a new plant which can be found spawning in forests and dont have any purpose. You can use shears to get the Placeable Shrub.

-Nether roots:

Nether roots are a new type of plant thingy which can be only found spawning in the Nether. They will spawn under Netherrack, in Nether caves and Fortresses. They dont have any purpose aside from being creepy. You can get the Placeable Nether roots by using shears.

Important Info!:

Huge Credits to Baalveer for helping me out with the behavior pack. Check out his content!: 

•Enable Experimental Features for the complete functioning of the Addon!

•You can get all the addon blocks by using this command: /function better_foliage and you can get the Placeable blocks in survival by using shears(mobile users tap once, console/pc users use the shears normally)

•All of the textures, all of the variations and all the models are done by ME. None of the textures or coding is taken from anyone else. The behavior of some blocks was inspired from "Bum Crops!" -addon so credits to its respective creators!

•This pack can be used as a texture pack alone or use with behavior pack for new features and plants. If you only want the Addon Features then use the behavior with the resource pack only.

•You can choose either Round Leaves, Bushy leaves or the Vanilla leaves from the GEAR icon after applying. 

•The screenshots were taken with Windows 10 Ray Tracing

Terms of use!:

•If you want to use it in a video, then share the MCPEDL PAGE LINK, NOT the direct link or any custom link.

• You are not allowed to use any of the textures or to modify this pack, except for personal use.

•This pack only belongs to MCPEDL and you are not allowed to publish it on ANY other website without my permission.

If you dont follow, I WILL find you and sue you.

Please report any bugs,give suggestions or contact me on my Youtube or Discord: Fused Bolt#9525.

Select version for changelog:


The download links have been fixed. Sorry about the issue.


When you click on one of the links, you will be redirected to Linkvertise, scroll down then click on Free Access with Ads. You will be sent to another page then click on View Articles and wait for 5 seconds. Then click on X and click on Continue.Then you will be redirected to Mediafire, from there download the pack and open it, it will automatically import to your Minecraft.

If you cannot pass through the link, or need ANY help then contact me on discord: Fused Bolt#9525.

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permission, can I use this on my yt channel, I'll promise I will not put direct link..
Lol, I didn't follow you!🤣
apples arent growning under the oak trees at all :(
Idk if it’s a bug but Spruce leaves are red with bushy leaves Resource Pack. It makes the tundras look weird
permission, i use this add on for my youtube, all i do is just put the mcpedl link? nothing else right?
what do you mean by credit?
Really nice!
Please i need this without the new texture of the grass block, i like more the original ^^
does it come with built in shaders like in the screenshots?
You can make an option.
abundant vegetation extreme?
looks like a fun add-on, also makes the game look more realistic and interesting :)
d0 you need ray tracing
When you update it for 1.18
Can you please add grassy terrain like java? that will make the game more aesthetic ✨
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