Published on January 10, 2021 (Updated on January 10, 2021)

Better Skyblock

Have you ever tried to find a really cool Skyblock map but not the perfect one? Well this may be what you're looking for! Its islands are close together, and with better loot and a couple of structures, you can beat the game on this world!

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Added a .mcworld file because MCPEDL said I needed to.

Added 'Note: You CAN get diamonds and diamond gear in this map!' because I'm just letting you know that you can.

Changed 'The only thing bad about this is that you can't get netherite because there's no ancient debris' to 'The only thing bad about this is that there's no ancient debris' because there might just be netherite... somewhere...


  • Better Skyblock.mcworld
  • Better

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Está bien el mapa pero creo que puedes agrandar un poco el inicio
can you makes something like lucky block skyblock
Also if you want any other skyblock islands on this map, please reply to this comment here.
Can you make lucky block skyblock
This is great but please make it also for 1.16.40