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Published on January 15, 2021 (Updated on January 15, 2021)

Two Villages, Desert Temple, Frozen Ocean & Much More! (Seed)

So yeah. Spawn in a village. Pretty lame. What if I tell you there's a large ravine running right through the village? Lame. What if I tell you there's another village further ahead in front of you? Also pretty lame. What if I tell you to the left of the first village there's a desert temple with diamonds and a gapple? Still lame? What if I tell you if there's a tropical savanna in front of the desert temple? Now do you think it's lame? Pretty sure you wouldn't think it's lame anymore. And believe me, this is all in ONE WORLD!

So you spawn looking at the village with the ravine:

Here's the ravine. It doesn't go down to lava pit level but at least slimes can spawn down here.

Here's the desert village if you go straight forward. It's not a big one but it is a village.

If you turn back towards the first village there's a ravine that goes down to lava pit level. Also even better, there's a mineshaft there! And right there are two cave spider spawners in plain view!

Now go back to the first village and face the way you spawned.

Turn left and there's a desert temple!

You might think oh yeah a desert temple nothing special but wait until you see the loot from it!

Now keep going forward from the temple and... what's this? A tropical savanna!

Now go back to spawn. Turn backwards and go a bit far... what's this? Global warming?

And right next to it... wow! Such a HUGE ocean with no monuments in the way!

There's also loads of floating sand to have fun with.

All of these things are soo easy to find! It's like you've been granted with a gift! And this is NOT fake!

Seed: grant me with a gift

I wanted a gift so I typed this in to see if this was good or lame. It is DEFINITELY not lame!

Seed ID

grant me with a gift

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okay it says that someone voted 1/5 but who did?
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sorry my bad sometimes for no reason it doesn't show the ratings and sometimes it does.
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edu helper and map builder January 16, 2021 at 3:13 pm
what is the real seed?
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