Published on December 17, 2021

Biome Overhaul Modpack V1

The Biome Overhaul Modpack combines 3 of my addons; Frost, Arid, and Tropic. With this modpack installed, you will find tons of new content such as ores, tools, weapons, bosses, structures and more scattered across snow biomes, deserts, and jungles. Not only does this modpack combine those 3 addons, you will also get BONUS CONTENT that is not available in the other 3 standalone addons. 


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

This needs a update now :).
Yeah, it'll get one when the time comes, don't you worry : )
Iā€™m gonna use this for my
Error when applying content to my Realm šŸ˜”
Heres a fix.

1st make a copy of the realm world (maybe make 2 in case something screws up)

Now on the copy, add the modpack.

Once you done that open the world and make sure everything appears in creative inventory to make sure it works there.

Finally, add that copy world to your main realm world. That should fix it.
I'm already using FROST, should I remove it before installing this modding PACK?
Yes u should, but make a backup in case something happened