Published on December 10, 2020 (Updated on December 05, 2021)

Frost V2.0.3

Frost is an addon that overhauls snow biomes in Minecraft. With this addon, you will find a lot of new content in snow biomes. You can find new ores, structures, mobs, foods, blocks, and a lot more!

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  • Updated to support Minecraft V1.18.0's new features
  • Added Frozen Deepslate (Will begin to spawn in underground tundras at Y=0 and lower)
  • Added Deepslate Frozen Ore (Will spawn at Y=0 or lower in tundras, smeltable for Frozen Ingots)
  • Iced Snow will generate passed Y=0
  • Arctic Ore retexture (Matches Frozen Deepslate styled ore)
  • Frozen Ore and Arctic Ore are slightly more common passed Y=0
  • Frozen Stone will no longer generate passed Y=1

Thats all for now, thanks for downloading :)


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Does it work in the current version of minecraft?
I was spawned in a desert biome instead of snow
Do we have to put a command or it will automatically spawn us on snow. Please give me reply.
Hello ArshArnav, this addon just simply overhauls snow biomes by adding in new content. It does not turn the entire world into snow biomes. If you want to find the new stuff, you will need to explore the world.
1. Make Snow and Frozen stone much more common in the frozen caves, where it blankets the caves, walls, ceiling, and floor.
2. Frozen Stalagmites and Stalagtites.
3. Powdered Snow rarely spawns in the frozen caves.

I hope this helps!
Minecraftwithmods13 October 13, 2021 at 12:20 pm
I love it except for one thing, when you smelt the potatos, it comes baked, can you turn it into a regular potato and you have to smelt it again to get the baked version pls? Other than that everything is awesome!
Will it work in 1.17.11
Hello, I just briefly checked this addon out just now, and I absolutely love it so far. Though I'm not too far into testing the entire addon out, I noticed that in survival mode, the blocks seem to break even by hand, such as the frost stone blocks. I was able to mine it with my fists and still get cobble frost stone out of it with the same duration it took to mine it with a pickaxe. If this is to be fixed, the addon is almost perfect, as far as I could tell!
Thank you for trying out my addon :) Yes any of the blocks can be broken by hand unfortunately, I don't know how to fix it at the moment. But, if I ever do I will definitely fix it.
Hi, I think that this pack looks cool and I really want to try it out! But, sadly when I want to activate the pack it says "Incompitable" and also it has an error: Missing dependency with ID 'fb7e7cde-c700-42f0-900e-64c40524cbac' and version '1.0.0'. (I turned on all of the exper. features excluding game test framework and it still doesn't work) Please help 😫
And also I'm using WIndows 10 edition of Minecraft, 1.17.2 currently
Wait, dude sorry for disturbing! I fixed the problem! The error was there cuz I downloaded only the behavoir pack instead of both resource and behavoir! Now it works and it's amazing! I'm really sorry for disturbing!
Dont worry your good. Enjoy the addon :)
Dude this is the best addon I've ever ever seen, this addon is even better than a java edition addon for updating the snow biome I've seen. This has the quality of a java addon, with slot of features for bedrock edition. I have a idea for another addon call it "Simply the best End Update. I'm KingCraft on discord soooo I could work on the block textures with u. Anyway great addon.
Thanks for your words ❤!
As far as making the end addon goes, I don't think thats a great idea as theres already quite a few of them on here.
several additions, including a Boss, ores and even biomes for both caves and the surface! dozens of irens, lots of mobs and textures that PRA ME, are good. But it is obvious, 5 stars! :3
🇲🇽 Spanish Sorry :c

Increíble complemento, me encanta el como agregan cosas que realmente cuadran con el tema helado, y que de igual forma hay una historia de origen para todo lo que agregar el complemento, creo solo faltaría pulir las texturas y claramente agregar más cosas
London_Crossing >_< May 06, 2021 at 3:32 pm
This does not work edu can u fix it somehow because this looks cool!
Sorry I cant, it is designed to work with experimental modes. Please enable all of them except for game test framework.
Frost V2 is finally out! So much was fixed and changed. Some things I forgot to list,
-Weapons/tools have durability
-Structures spawn with loot crates

Thanks for downloading :)
testing comment
This addon will not be updated for a while as I am currently remaking the entire addon :)

If you want updates, be sure to join my Discord server. Those on the server will also receive the Frost V2!! Beta :)

This remake will change a lot about Frost.
What a magnificent complement, I liked it a lot, I have suggestions, which are more for the player to feel even in a snowy world, which is the sky having a more snowy color, as if it were snowing, more gray and with wind noise, not too high so as not to get boring, but it would be nice to feel more alive. Excellent addition!
❤ Thank you! I love your suggestions :)