Published on October 27, 2020 (Updated on December 14, 2020)

Hallowed Hallow V4.1.1 (Huge Bug Fix Update)

Its that time of the year where things begin to get spooky! In this simple addon I added a new biome, a few new mobs, new foods, a new weapon, new ore, and new building blocks! 

If this mod gets very popular I will defintely update this with many more features! Just give me some reccomendations :)

Lets Start Off With The New Biome

The Hallowed Hallow! Home to spooky mobs!

The Hallowed Hallow. Originally this biome was a peaceful Forest biome thriving and full of life! But then one day it changed. Ghosts started to roam the nights and animals got struck with a mysterious disease. Villagers speculate that the Wither was responsible for the transformation of a once peaceful land. Many different theories are being created. Many speculations...Can this biome be returned to a peaceful state like it was long ago? Or will it forever be an area of mystery and death? What was the cause of change? Who is responsible? Will we ever find out?

This biome isnt a cakewalk! There are many dangers!!

The first mob is the Ghost.

Deceased humans from the past with unknown cause of death. They are here to haunt you. They think that you are the person who killed them! When someone dies, their soul gets sucked into the Hallowed Hallow. This biome is a hotspot for many paranormal activities. The Hallowed Hallow is full of many lost and forgotten souls too, they are now roaming this land in search of who killed them seeking revenge...


  • 5 Health (Dies easily)
  • 7 Damage (Strong, 3.5 Hearts)
  • Applies wither on hit (30 seconds! You want to watch out for them!)
  • Haunts you! (Can enter your house by opening doors!)
  • Very fast! 
  • Spawns commonly throughout Hallowed Hallow

Let me know if the 30 second wither is annoying I will gladly change it. But then again the Hallowed Hallow is suppose to be a challenging biome.


  • Uncommon drop, Soul Of The Lost
  • (If you have any ideas on what else it should drop, let me know!) 

I would still like an idea of what the Ghost should drop other than the soul.

The second mob, the Hallowed Slime.

Trapped souls of the victims who were brave enough to venture into the Hallowed Hallow. How they died is unknown. Rumors say that it may have just been the Ghosts killing them thinking thats who killed them in the past. Other say its something else...A much bigger force that may come back to destroy the Overworld in the future...What could it be?


  • 20 Health (Player Health)
  • 5 Damage (Weak, 2.5 Hearts)
  • Blinds you on hit (lasts 30 seconds! Adventure with some milk!)
  • Slow speed
  • Spawns commonly throughout Hallowed Hallow


  • Hallowed Slime Jelly 0-2 (Shown in image below, gives fire resistance for 2 minutes when eaten)
  • 0-2 Pumpkin Candy
  • Rare chance for Soul Of The Forbidden

Third mob is the Hallowed Pig.

Pigs that feel no pain when injured or killed. They have no feelings. They have no emotions and have no care about anything. These pigs were the fauna that thrived in this beautiful land once. That all changed. A disease broke out and infected them changing them into these creatures. They may be peaceful and not attack however some say at night, these pigs stalk nearby villager farms. They keep their eye on the bright pink pigs. Its as if they want to lure and trap that pig in the Hallowed Hallow and make them suffer with them for all eternity...


  • 10 Health (Normal pig Health)
  • No attack, peaceful
  • Spawns commonly throughout Hallowed Hallow


  • Currently just 1-3 raw pork. (Still raw pork)
  • Uncommon drop, Soul Of Emotion

The 4th mob is called the Trick Or Treator.

A person who was trapped in the Hallowed Hallow. They are immune to the creepy mobs in Hallowed Hallow. In fact they prefer to live here. Why? They don't answer. Some say that if they tell you why or how they got trapped in Hallowed Hallow that you may be trapped too. Yikes! I guess dont ask! Many trade with fellow wanderers. Just don't ask them anything personal, just trade. I wonder if they know why do they look like zombies...?


  • 20 Health (Player Health)
  • Doesnt attack
  • Trades with you
  • Spawns uncommonly thoughout the Hallowed Hallow

Trick Or Treators trade a variety of goods such as diamonds, hallowed ingots, candy!!, and more!


  • 0-1 Cherry Strips
  • 0-1 Pumpkin Candy
  • 0-1 Mint Emerald
  • Rare drop, Soul of Torment

This scary 3 headed creature is known as the Hallowed Monstrosity. It is the 5th mob in Hallowed Hallow added in V2. This mob is a miniboss and has a rare chance to spawn at night in the Hallowed Hallow.

Creature of unknown origin. How this came about is a question everyone asks. This beast is so strong it can wipe out anything. The Hallowed Monstrosity calls the Hallowed Hallow its home. Just be careful when out and about at night. When night arrives, so does this creature. Its out hunting for food, and you are considered food so it will attack relentlessly until you are no more. When day strikes, they do not go away. They will hide in the shadows of Hallowed Trees stalking you...

Watch. Your. Back...

You may not see the next day...


  • 80 Health (4x Player Health)
  • Quite fast (Slower than Ghost)
  • 12 Damage (6 Hearts!)
  • Applies slowness 1 when it hits its target. (Lasts 30 seconds)


  • Can drop many different Hallowed Hallow mod related items
  • Chance to drop 0-1 Diamonds or 0-1 Emeralds.
  • 0-7 Hallowed Flesh
  • Guarnteed drop, Soul Of Hatred

Hallowed Flesh can be cooked for leather or eaten for very bad effects!

This innocent looking girl is known as the Lost Girl. She is the 6th mob added in V3 of Hallowed Hallow. 

A girl that is trapped in the Hallowed Hallow. How she got here? She was kidnapped from her house one day at night. Her parents were murdered. She did not know however because she was sound asleep during all this. When she awoke, she was greeted with Ghosts and other apparitions around her. This girl still does not know who kidnapped her, and neither do we.

All we know is that she may not seem what she is...

Something is off about her...


  • 80 Health (4x Player Health)
  • 5 Damage (2.5 Hearts)
  • Applies wither to enemies for 30 seconds.
  • Neutral
  • Spawns rarely in Hallowed Hallow
  • Tamable

To tame the Lost Girl, you must get any type of candy (Blueberry Sour bombs, candy apples, etc)

She will fight with you, after she is tamed, she cannot be commanded, she cannot be healed. She prefers to follow you for the rest of her life. She cant be healed because...

S- is n- livin-


  • Nothing

This strange looking man is the Serial Killer he was added in V4 as the 8th mob.

Innocent man once, when the Hallow virus came into the overworld, it changed the way his brain works. He now roams the night in search of villagers or players and murder them... Watch out at night!


  • 30 Health (15 Hearts)
  • 7 damage (3.5 Hearts)
  • Attacks slightly faster than normal mobs
  • Decent speed
  • Hostile
  • Spawns throughout the Overworld at night
  • Sometimes wields a knife


  • Knife (50%)

This is the Bloodied Maniac. He did not get his name for his murders, instead he got it because of the Hallow virus. It must've changed his skin tone! Added in V4 as the 9th mob.

A once normal human that loved mining. One day as he was mining he came across a strange ore he's never seen before, no it wasnt Hallowed ore. It was something else. He quickly began mining it thinking he found rubies, he planned to sell them at a local village. However, when he mined it, a mysterious gas released from it sickening him. He began feeling weak and angry suddenly. He then passed out. When he awoke he felt a sudden urge to kill anyone he sees. He couldnt control himself, his brain has been corrupted. He now roams the night with other killers in search of someone to make their next victim...


  • 10 Health (5 Hearts)
  • 8 damage (4 Hearts)
  • Applies weakness for 30 seconds
  • Slower attack speed than most mobs
  • Decent speed
  • Spawns throughout the overworld at night
  • Sometimes wields a Blood Sword


  • Low chance for Blood Sword
  • 0-2 Blood drops

This mob is called Living Stone. Added as the 10th mob in V4. 

Souls of deceased miners. When the miner died, their soul was sucked in towards some sort of special stone. The stone then comes to life because of the soul. Its as if the miners get a second chance at life. Some say its a blessing others say its a curse...What do you think? These miners roam the caverns, you may think its anywhere, but your wrong its only in the Hallowed Hallow caves. 


  • 5 Health (2.5 Hearts)
  • 3 damage (1.5 hearts)
  • Applies slowness for 30 seconds
  • Very slow attack (considering its stone)
  • Decent speed
  • Spawns in caves only in the Hallowed Hallow


  • 0-3 Stone

This menacing looking monster is the King of The Hallow. He is the 7th mob in Hallowed Hallow added in V3. This is the boss of the Hallowed Hallow.

A being of extreme power capable of destroying planets and galaxies. He comes to destroy the Overworld next! He must be stopped at once or else...

How did the Hallow King become evil?

It all started one day on this planet, Minecraft. He was a very kind man and gentle towards others. He lives in a village and always helps as much as he can. One day the Mayor of the village says that theres trouble in the mines. Supposedly creepers roamed inside. (The Hallow King which was not called that, his name was Jack). Jack agreed to search the mines for the creepers and kill them. What he did not know was that the Mayor was planning Jack's demise... The moment Jack stepped foot into the mines, he activated a pressure plate that blended in with the surrounding stone. Once it activated, the doors to the mines behind him shut and locked. He was trapped. Panicking he began shouting for help and banged on the doors. No one assisted him...

Then creepers appear out of no where! Jack had no choice but to fight them off. 

He fought and fought his hardest to kill them off. He successfully killed them off, but he was injured badly. As Jack was trying to whip out a torch for light. He stumbled upon a hidden lever on a wall. He flicked it on, and a stone wall moved and revealed a secret door. He opened the door and found a portal. It was deactivated. He searched around the room and found a book showing how to activate it. He decided to activate the portal. When he did a bright orange glow appeared in between. It was a portal to another dimension! Jack did not want to go in at first, but then he remebered he was trapped. So he went in...

When he arrived, he was in an evil menacing place. Everything around him was dead. Trees showed no life and had no leaves, he saw ghosts everywhere. It was a madhouse he thought! He tried going back, but something grabbed his arm. Jack turned around saw a Ghostly figure dressed as a pumpkin. The figure said you are chosen...

Jack was confused. He had no idea what was going on. Chosen? He thought? The figure then says that they've been waiting for him for over 100 years...

Jack thought of it all, suddenly it all made sense to him for some reason. As he finished his thoughts, thinking hard. The figure was gone. He looked around and then at himself. He was the figure...

Power suddenly surged throughout his body he felt strong and felt like he can do anything. 

Right away Jack thought what he should do first with his newfound power...

To destroy the village he once lived in. And thats exactly what he did... Once he went back into the overworld, madness started. Hallowed Hallows begin forming, he shot into the air a beam from his sword. It released a strange disease that infected many creatures. When he returned to the village, he unleashed his wrath. He murdered each and every villager right in front of the Mayor saving him for last...

After Jack completed his revenge, he went back into that dimension that he now decides to call his home...

Jack, who is now known as The King of The Hallow resides in his dimension. In order to fight him, you must craft his totem to summon him.


  • Hallowed Hallow's main boss, must be summoned by crafting totem!
  • 200 Health (100 Hearts!)
  • Very fast (As fast as a Ghost)
  • Melee attacks
  • 14 Damage (7 Hearts)
  • Poisons you on hit
  • Wears Netherite armor, very tanky
  • Reccomened to keep distance when fighting.


  • Tons of goodies for you to enjoy
  • Drops many new weapons
  • Lots of hallowed scrap (used for new weapons and blocks)
  • Soul Of The Undertaker, which is guarnteed.
  • Chance to drop Netherite armor or sword

All new weapons will be in New Ore and Weapons section

Fighting Tips:

  • So this boss is very tanky because if his netherite armor.
  • He deals lots of damage. I would recommend to fight him in diamond or better armor
  • Weapon of choice, Hallowed Sword, or Diamond/Netherite. Thats if you do melee. But I highly recommend you dont go melee, but again if you do Hallowed Sword is best choice. It gives passive regeneration for cancel posion effects.
  • Also he can leap at you like a spider! Have fun!

Okay thats enough tips have fun again!

How To Summon King Of The Hallow?

To Summon this boss, you need to gather souls from the following mobs (To gather, you must kill that specific mob)

  • Hallowed Pigs
  • Ghosts
  • Hallowed Slimes
  • Trick Or Treators
  • Hallowed Monstrosity

Once you've done that, grab 4 Hallowed Ingots. Then follow this recipe below

Once you crafted his totem, you tap/click ground to summon him. Have fun fighting! Try not to die right away, he shouldn't Despawn if you do die. Just make sure your spawn is close in case he does.

Hallow King is not all destructive, you can fight him anywhere. Your pets/tames will help you fight too.

More info below!

New Foods

In your adventure in the Hallowed Hallow you may get a variety of tasty useful candies!

Every candy lasts 2 minutes!

The first candy is the Mint Emerald. Not craftable. When eaten you will get Jump Boost 2 for 2 minutes.

The second candy is Pumpkin Candy. This is probably the most useful one in my opinion. When eaten you will get haste 3 for 2 minutes! Have fun mining! This candy also now has a recipe!

The third candy is called the Cherry Strips. When eaten you will get strength 2 for 2 minutes. There is no recipe for this.

The 4th candy added in V2 is called the Candy Apple. When eaten you will get spped 2 for 2 minutes. This candy also has a recipe.

The 5th and final candy added for now in V2 is called the Blueberry Sour Bomb. When eaten you will get speed 4 for 15 seconds and waterbreathing 1 for 60 seconds. This candy cannot be crafted, it drops off the Hallowed Monstrosity.

This next food is not a candy, but instead is a tasty treat that is very helpful in combat. This is the pumpkin cupcake. When eaten, you get 4 points of hunger, and speed, resistance, and health boost 2 all for 1 minute. This was added in V3.

All candies restore half a hunger point!

New Ore And Weapons

Every weapon can now be enchanted!

This is the Hallowed Blade.

Forged from the depths on the Hallowed Hallow. Whoever wields this sword is said to be guarded by fallen adventurous spirits. They are said to guard you because you completed their adventure and they want to honor you. You are granted passive regeneration when wielding this sword. However ghosts and hallowed slimes are not fooled. They believe it is your fault for the way they are and will continue to haunt you forever. 


  • 10 Attack Damage 
  • 500 Durability
  • Passive regeneration 2 when sword is held

In V2 I added a new weapon called the Pumpkin Carver.

Carve the brains of your nightmares out!


  • 6 Attack Damage
  • 75 Durability

The item in the middle grid is called the Pumpkin Carver. This item (shown farther below) allows you to carve new pumpkins or convert into a weapon.

This is the Knife. 

More than just a cooking utensil


  • 7 Attack Damage (3.5 Hearts)
  • 50 Durability

This weapon is the Hallowed Wood Sword.

Crafted from Hallowed Trees. Better than the normal wood sword!


  • 5 Attack Damage
  • 80 Durability

The Ghost Grenade

Souls encased in glass, the Hallowed scrap changed their behaviors. These Ghosts are now friendly!


  • Summons 3 Peaceful Spirits when thrown. The peaceful spirits are just like Ghosts except they attack evil only. They are friendly towards you.
  • Same stats as Ghost, except they dont apply wither, and they have double the health)
  • Peaceful Spirits do NOT despawn, they will remain in your world until they are killed.

The grenade will do some damage to land, so avoid using it indoors!

Next we have the Molitov Pumptail ( Creative name right? No? Ok :( )

One of Jack's creations, a rather interesting one too yeah? Apparently when thrown this grenade will deal some damage to land, but leave fire around it.

How was this made exactly?


  • Explodes leaving fire around
  • Drops off of Hallow King boss, guaranteed (You will get multiple from him)
  • Cannot be crafted

This sword is called the King's Revenge.

A sword full of evil, crafted from long ago. This sword is said to grant night vision, speed, and more vitality to its owner.


  • 15 Damage
  • 800 Durability
  • Grants night vision, speed, and health boost when held
  • Very rare drop chance from Hallowed King

This is the blood sword.

A said to be cursed sword. This sword reduces your maximum vitality by half. No one knows why. Maybe its because the spirit of hatred lies inside it, and its trying to sabotage you with all its power.


  • 11 Attack Damage
  • 625 Durability
  • Reduces maximum health (5 Hearts instead of 10 ONLY WHEN WEAPON IS EQUIPPED IN HAND)
  • Passive regeneration 4 when held

Next up, Pumpkin Power Gun

Oh for f-- I MEAN thats sooooo cool wow! A gun. Seriously how did this get created? What kind of technology was used for this...I swear if its "pumpkins"

I cannot comprehend HOW THIS IS FUNCTIONAL IF CANDY IS ITS BARREL!!!! HOW? WHY? W-w-what??? I am speechless...


  • Its a gun...
  • Cannot be reloaded, you just craft more guns. They stack to 64.
  • When shot, if it's a direct hit it will deal 7 damage (3.5 hearts)
  • However if you miss because your aim is bad like mine, it will explode!
  • You choose your style on how to work this.
  • 1.5 second fire rate

Dont worry I totally didnt struggle making this texture...


Pls help me :(

This weapon is called the Bloodshot. 

Created when iron and blood are combined together. The iron poisons the blood causing it poison all shots from this gun.

The middle grid item below


  • Craft more to reload
  • Stacks to 64
  • Direct damage is 10 (5 Hearts)
  • Poisons target on direct hit
  • If you miss... well nothing happens
  • 0.5 second fire rate

This weapon is more of a utility than an actual weapon. This is the tranquilizer.

Too many threats in this world. Craft this as it may save your life someday. 


  • 2 damage (1 heart, direct hit)
  • Craft more to reload
  • Stacks to 64
  • Stops target completely on direct hit for 10-12 seconds. 
  • Nothing happens if you miss
  • 2 second fire rate

This colorful weapon below is the Heart Of The Hallow. It is the ultimate weapon in this addon.

It is not easy to obtain, heres how you get it

If you would like to punch a few walls go ahead. Have fun farming!

The ultimate weapon of the Hallowed Hallow, the Heart. This weapon is full of pure power. You will be unstoppable with this wielded. This was only crafted 2 times. Once a long time ago, and the second time I assume is you yes? No? Maybe? Okay I'll be quiet.


  • 21 Attack Damage (Pretty good, one shots most mobs)
  • 4000 Durability (I think thats better than Netherite?)
  • Grants many strong but not broken effects (You will get 20 more hearts, speed 4, health regeneration 2, and night vision)

This weapon will always remain the strongest in this addon! I will still add in more, but this one will be the strongest for now.

All swords can now be enchanted!!

New ore!

The Hallowed Ore.

People thought Hallowed Ore was a myth. They were wrong. No one exactly knows how or when this ore was formed. Perhaps the souls of deceased miners were trapped in diamond ores. Too many miners get greedy and want all the diamonds. Or maybe ghosts that roam the surface below kidnapped and killed miners and stuffed their souls into a stone, thus forming what we call Hallowed Ore. This ore is still a huge unsolved mystery,  just waiting to unfold the truth some day...

Ore Information:

  • Iterations of 8 (Quite rare)
  • Begins spawning at Y=45 and lower
  • Spawns in veins on 1
  • Must be smelted in furnace or blast furnace
  • Spawns only in the Hallowed Hallow

If you killed the Hallow King, you should have gotten Hallowed Ingot Scraps. If you dont want to use scrap for anything, you can convert them into ingots. 

It would not let me upload an image for some reason for this, so here is a makeshift picture.






New Blocks

I added many new blocks in V2. Of course I look forward to adding in more!

In the Hallowed Hallow you will see many very large trees. These trees are called the Hallowed Trees.

Tall, ominous, and eerie. These trees show no life what so ever. The souls of dead plants and leaves live in the trunks. These trees are said to occasionally scream. I don't know if they scream anymore but if you ever heard their blood curdling scream, your ears will bleed forever. Some say the reason these trees scream is because of the fact that the souls of many adventurers are locked for all eternity inside. They only scream for the torment they witness inside. It must be a madhouse in there! Walking near these trees may make you feel woozy and nauseous as if the souls cling to you desperate to escape from all the torment...


  • 2.5 second break time with hand or any tool (Mojang needs to change that!!)
  • Can be turned into planks
  • Used for building (obviously)

On the left are Hallowed planks and the right is on the Hallowed Logs.

Planks can be turned into sticks. You cannot make tools however. I plan in the future to make Hallowed Wood tools.

In V3 I added in Hallowed Bricks! Can't leave my builders hangin.

You can see the new bricks behind the boss. They make nice walls :)

New Pumpkins Variants!

You know maybe the Hallowed Hallow ain't so bad after all. I mean ever since this Hallowed disease started taking over the Overworld slowly day by day, it seems as if it gifted us. Colored pumpkins! A never before seen thing in the Overworld. 

But we are ultimately still cursed, yes?

Something might try to destr- us ver- so-

Pumpkins do NOT spawn naturally, there are 3 new colors that you can dye. Green, White, and Yellow. Each pumpkin can be carved. They can also be turned into Jack O Lanterns.

Lets start off with a useful item. The Pumpkin Carver.

The pumpkin carver can either be used for carving pumpkins or be converted into a weapon. (Weapon shown above in New Ore and Weapons section)

Let's start with the Green Pumpkins.

Just like regular minecraft pumpkins, you can carve them. However these new pumpkins are carved a special way.

1st heres how to dye a pumpkin

Grab your dye (Lime, Bonemeal, or Yellow)

Then put them in the crafting grid like this and there you go, you dyed a pumpkin!

You can use these as decorations. 

To carve one of the new colors you basically do the same thing as above but instead its your colored pumpkin and a pumpkin carver.

(I know its yellow in the picture but you know what I mean right?) You can carve normal minecraft pumpkins like this too!

Here's a carved green pumpkin

Like I said earlier you can turn them into Jack O Lanterns. Its super easy its just like the normal recipe but you know your choice of color.

(Again I know its yellow but this recipe works the same for the rest)

Just like a regular Jack O Lantern, they will emit light. The light level is the exact as the normal lantern. They look cool at night :)

Here is the yellow pumpkin

And finally, we got the White Pumpkin.

Thats all the pumpkins! Tell me which one you like the most in the comments! I love the green one!

Also if you wish to see a new color, say it in the comments! I only added the natural colors.

V2 Adds Spooky Decorations!

I've added in 5 brand new craftable scary decorations! You have the pumpkins too for use!

Lets start with the 1st one, the Stone Statue

Inside lies a trapped soul of a victim that was murdered in the Hallowed Hallow. That is why this statue is turns and stares at its surroundings. It does not move around thankfully, it just stands there...Ominously.

The next decoration is the bloodied statue

Nightmarish energy flows throughout the body of this statue. It is live just like the stone statue. This statue seems to constantly look around as if its on alert for something. But what?

The third decoration is the zombie heads.

Heads of zombies. These heads are trying to form a horde of some sort it seems. They are somehow alive. They just cant move thankfully! 

(I did not use zombie heads in the recipe because I wanted you to easily be able to get this in survival mode!)

The 4th decoration is the Tombstone.

A tombstone of a long deceased being of some sort. Their soul is trapped inside of this tombstone. They cannot escape unless the tombstone is broken open. Will you end their torment?

The 5th decoration is the Scarewcrow.

A soul of a farmer villager lies inside. They may be dead, but they still do their job. It may not be farming but they'll be sure to keep souls or other spirits from cursing your crops.

The 6th and final decoration for now is the Hallow King's head! This is actually a trophy for your hard work!

Someone's head! Totally not creepy. Thanks to you killing Jack, you can now put his head in your house... Uh have fun I guess. Also he might occasionaly stare and look around, but uh he shouldnt attack, hopefully.

This is how you craft it, it can be in any grid. This item drops off of the Hallow King boss. It is called "Hallow King Trophy Item" You'll see it, its a guaranteed drop.

All furniture can be pushed around. If you want to move it somehwhere else, "killing" it will drop its crafting materials again to recraft it.

Some scary furniture can spawn naturally in your world. They are very rare.

The list includes

  • Stone Statues (Not the bloodied variant)
  • Tombstones
  • Zombie Heads

Items now spawn in creative inventory!

Watch The Addon Showcase Videos Below!!




I still plan on adding tons more stuff! Just give feedback on what you want to see next! 

Please do NOT steal or reupload! This is my addon!

If you use this for videos or such PLEASE give me credits!! Thanks!

YouTube: BladedAxe77

I post updates on my Minecraft addons there!

Drop a sub to support me!

Also for early access to addon updates or new work in progress ones, join my Discord server!

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed the little back stories! :) I tried to make it somehow go with Minecraft. I think I did well...Maybe?

Select version for changelog:

  • Mobs now drop items! (Apparently they didnt before :( Now they do :)
  • A few changes to mobs
  • Fixed a few mobs that were invisible
  • Other bug fixes

If you wish to read the full patch notes, join my Discord server!

My Discord Server


Happy Halloween! Enjoy the mod :)

Please enable ALL 3 experimental modes or this will not work!


  • Hallowed_Hallow_V4.1.1_(BP).mcaddon
  • Hallowed_Hallow_V4.1.1_(RP).mcaddon

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Everyone that is currently having issues with this mod, dont worry there will be a massive overhaul coming that will fix all the known issues.
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For some reason, I can't import the .mcaddon files into Minecraft. It keeps giving me an error but it doesn't tell me what the error is. Pls fix this for me because I really want to try this mod out :(
P.S. I'm using Minecraft: Pocket Edition Version (A.K.A Caves & Cliffs Part I Update)
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Everyone that is currently having issues with this mod, dont worry there will be a massive overhaul coming that will fix all the known issues.
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I think I have some issues with the add-on in my minecraft 1.16.nether update...these are the issues:
#1. After activating both rp and bp the hallowed biome is not spawning anywhere...I tried looking for it one whole day...just nothing with the normal overworld..
#2. At night, only the stone statue, the blood maniac and the serial killer spawns...
Now, my qs are that is that the three links above the links to download?....pls help, I really want this add-on......
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I personally think that you could just copy and paste the code used for crossbows with quick charge, make custom ammo, and bada bing bada boom, the guns have been upgraded!
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its really cool but can u make it so u can locate the new biome?
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Great looking mod and got it working fine but it doesn’t seem any of the new mobs are spawning in my Biom is this a problem with me using the mod or are the mobs just not as common as I thought??
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The mobs are somewhat uncommon. I made them this way so you dont get bombarded with constant ghosts or other mobs. If you want, I can increase the spawn slightly next update.
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Yah that’s would be awesome you don’t have to up everyone just simpler common mobs I left a comment cuz I didn’t fine any but I didn’t look too long so yah thanks for responding
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ISAAC PAUL VILANA GUACHO December 14, 2020 at 1:26 pm
That biome appears everywhere, you could reduce its appearance so that normal biomes can appear and it is more difficult to find it so it will be more fun for survival and some entities do not attack like the slime fix it, even so everything is wonderful but it needs to improve that thanks for reading my answer =)
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Thanks for the feedback, the biome's iterations is only a 5 I dont know why its spawning everywhere for you because when i tried it, it took me like 10 minutes to find one. The slime does attack, however the AI is kind of glitchy.
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You can easily tell that lots of time and effort was put into this add-on. It's great! :3
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If I missed any bugs please tell me! Im trying to fix all of them asap. Thanks :)
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Please fix it.
It doesn’t work for the nether update.
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Hello! Thanks for letting me know. I am currently trying to fix everything that broke in the newest update for Minecraft.
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I think that we should be able to carve the pumpkins ourselves, plus the molotov pumptail makes it sound like a gun, I personally think that it should be called the BOOlotov cocktail.
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Haha. BOOlotov cocktail sounds funny. I might change it to that, thanks :) As for the pumpkins you can carve them. You just need to put a pumpkin carver in the grid with a pumpkin of your choice. You just cant use shears.
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Oh, I meant if we could actually put our own designs into the pumpkins, that would be great.
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Addon currently does not work for 1.16.100. It will be fixed soon.
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this is one of the best addons i have ever seen !!! It is incredible to even add in my addon world.
(sorry for my english, i'm brazilian)
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Great addon and Halloween went well in minecraft too thx for this addon but pls add vampires in coffins and werewolves and maybe a kraken(plsss). I was testing out this addon with my friends in minecraft and they loved this addon too.
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Thanks, glad you and your friends like it. Im planning on adding a vampire soon :)
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Ignore my comment below, that was from a previous version :)
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