Published on October 19, 2021 (Updated on December 31, 2021)

Black and Grizzly Bear

The Addon Black and Grizzly Bear, adds 2 types of bears in Minecraft, slightly increasing the challenge of the game. You will need to be more cautious when you are in forests. They are hostile animals and attack medium-sized animals such as cows, pigs, sheep, wolves and goats.

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  • decreased speed in the water.
  • decreased anger time (won’t follow you for long)
  • running animation improved
  • can be born in day and night
  • You can tame bear cub
  • Use raw beef to tame the cub bear. (The cub bear runs away from you. You must run after him.)
  • Grow with raw beef.
  • Recover life with raw or cooked beef (recovers more)
  • New texture for tamed bear (black and grizzly)
  • Animation of tamed bear sitting (black and grizzly)
  • Water speed increases when tamed
  • Tamed Bear attacks whoever you attack and whoever attacks you.
  • Tamed bear attacks zombie 4 blocks. (for your protection)
  • Tamed Bear attacks 8 blocks Skeleton. (for your protection)
  • Tamed bear attacks rival bear from 10 blocks away. (for your protection)
  • Tamed bear does not attack bear cub or rival tamed bear.


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I used your mod in my addon, hope you don't mind.
Make bear hunt salmon plz
Thanks for the support. it is possible to feed it with salmon after it has been tamed. But I'll add the salmon to tame too;
100000000000000000000000 OUT OF 10 AMZE OMG I WAS SO HAPPY THIS WORKED IN EDU
plz make them eat honey LOVLEY MOD
Hola el complemento esta muy bien, pero el oso negro que hiciste en realidad no es un oso negro, es un oso malayo.
Buen completamento.
Hola, gracias por el apoyo. Realmente arruiné la piel del oso negro. Arreglaré este oso pronto
this looks really cool can i do an addon review on my yt page ? One slight improvement you could make is trying to maybe give the black bear more texture , thanks !
thanks for the support. Yes, you can review it. I'll see what I can improve on the black bear texture.