Published on February 11, 2019 (Updated on July 30, 2021)

Blood-Forest (Horror) Resource Pack V. 4.1

Blood-Forest resource pack is free to use for playing custom map and survival, the pack present as a tons of dark, blood, eerie, weird things. Some texture base from John Smith Legend

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Clean up and make the final update, give community the full control, Free Royalty are allowed. 

-add abandon texture in the "other png/free pack" folder (was used in the abandon project.)



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Thanks for making this. Its hard to find horror scary texture packs.
Bro stop talkin abt layla
I like this pack,i will use this for my first horror map and i will credit you.I will rate this for five stars.Keep it up👍👍
DreamfanVinceLouisfriend May 01, 2021 at 8:43 am
This should be five star ✨✨✨✨✨
Nice Resource pack!, i've been looking everywhere to find a creepy texture pack...
But i have a favour to ask you...may i use this resource pack to make a horror map with it...
I'll gladly promise i will give you credit for it...but if dont want to...its ok, i understand...Thank you and i hope you'll read this 😊
Sure, I make it as a open-source anyone any use and edit it. just remember to credit me. Thank you :D
The links are not working :(
Guest-5339402659 May 03, 2020 at 1:30 pm
Emmm link :u
Rarely I find packs as good as this one. Amazing Job!!!
Yo almost had me giving a 5 star review! Honestly Amazing Pack all it needs for true horror is black fog. Like darkness and to fix the mobs texture their a little wonky. Game me a good chuckle tho :)
Love The pack! It needs to be darker tho. Kinda like blindness but less severe
Umm this is 4 zutch, its me Bonnie BUNZZ, and i just wanted to say zutch, can u change the download link to a mediafire link?? It would be very, VERY Helpful for us xbox players. Thanks!

. With love and hope for your map Bonnie BUNZZ!
Yeah the better way to download any work from me that's not dropbox, you will need 'Addon' app seacrh my work from that... I suppose to say if you said you are played on android... I stop using mediafile long ago cause have problem with media file... maybe I will find any other way... Thx
Nice pack, but the old hurt sound ruins everything for me.
hello! your map is brilliant and it must have been very difficult to make- however i am struggling to get any different endings other than the ‘real’ ending? can you give me some pointers to the others? thankyou :)
Do you mean The Unknown 1? Just walk/run through up and ignore the storage room door