Published on March 30, 2019 (Updated on February 26, 2020)

SkyLayer Survival 2 (Original Hardcore)

A comeback of the tallest survival challenge tower! The SkyLayer Survival Challenge! In this map you have two choice! First, is too survire and do all the archivement. Second, challenge to your friend who is the fastest player who touch the lowest floor!

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Gameplay video at some part of the first tower! remember my surprise is in the basement depth or under the first tower.


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

The download link had been update :D no need to worry about the link anymore!
Welp better way to download from original without have to but> You need "Addon" Application, and search for Skylayer otherwise my name. Then you will have a free download that's not dropbox.
oh never mind I found out hoe to but do not have the money or the correct platform to install plug...
uh neither of the files work for me ;-; or maybe I do not understand how to use the dropbox thing. Zucth if you see this can you possibly reply me a detailed dscription of how to download the map onto minecraft using the dropbox option becuase whenever I use the .mcpack it starts the import and then it says "import failed" I tried this multiple times with the same result so I went to using the dropbox link and was stumped from there. Please help.
It's right what I'm write in the Installation section :) copy link to the another page, paste and everything is okay :)
I copied it to plug toolbox and then to Minecraft and it worked!!! Plug toolbox costs money :(
plz fix it
sry to said that every map I'm update right now are happen to me to, even dropbox link or mcworld
The second time did not work
Second time did not work on mcworld
The second time did not work
A very mad person April 08, 2019 at 7:28 pm
I’m trying to do the Dropbox link, and it’s not working. Are you sure you did it right? I tried both... :\
Right now, I don't know what happen but any link I do the update right now are all broken, same as mcworld broken, I cannot fixed them.
A very mad person April 08, 2019 at 7:27 pm
I’m trying to do the Dropbox link, and it’s not working.
how did you do that
when i do it , it says level inport faild
That's why I put the dropbox link together, it my first time do the mcWorld file~
The file wouldn’t work
Use dropbox link then... I'm sure this one work...
i downloaded it without the zip and it says level import failed...
Using the dropbox link then... It's work for sure.... sorry this is my first time change the file to mcpe world
yaaa! ot cool and i got to the botto
Thank! Did you see secret under the tower?