Published on December 22, 2019 (Updated on December 22, 2019)

[BMP] Christmas Background

What is this?

This is a background texture pack for Better Menu Pack. Better Menu Pack has an external background feature which allow custom texture packs like this to use it.

How do I use this?

You need to have Better Menu Pack installed and have the option selected to Custom Background like so: 

Now download and Install Christmas Background below!

Once installed apply the pack and make sure it's above like so: 

If everything is installed and applied correctly then the menu should look like this!


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put http:// then www then
Can you please do a direct mediafire link because adfly is not working for me.
put http:// then www then
can you use the'ST. SHORTE' website?adfly on my laptop doesn't seem to work properly. Please? I really want that pack