Published on September 22, 2019 (Updated on November 10, 2021)

Better Menu Pack // Final Update [v.5.0.0]

What is Better Menu Pack?

Better Menu Pack or BMP for short is a texture pack that aims to enhance the users experience with backgrounds and textures in the menu.


BMP Features:

  • 6 Season 4 Backgrounds
  • 6 Season 3 Backgrounds
  • 12 Season 2 Backgrounds
  • 12 Season 1 Backgrounds
  • 36 Total Backgrounds to choose from!
  • No Background
  • Custom Background (Either from a pack that supports this or even make your own!)
  • "Nightmode" menu
  • New logo title
  • Hotbar and Hearts textures
  • Backgrounds show up in several menus
  • Export worlds as templates
  • New "Create New World" texture

All Backgrounds:

You can download these wallpapers below for free!

Final Update

Collaboration Update

Mytho's Projects

Thanks for checking out my pack and the amount of support this pack has been given!
Honestly thank you, even though Better Menu Pack has hit it's final update that doesn't mean support for it ends!
BMP will be updated here and there for support for future Minecraft versions. BMP might even have extension addons for more backgrounds. You never know! :)

I also have more content like Colored Hearts and you can also visit my website

Season 4 Credits

Season 4 uses this awesome RTX pack that really gives Minecraft new life
Vanilla RTX Normals by CubeIR

Season 3 Collaborations:

TimeCube Productions

Better Menu Pack x TimeCube Productions

Better Menu Pack Season 3 is in collaboration with TimeCube for providing worlds for BMP to use with another collaboration with BlueLight Creatives' shader!

Thanks for all the team members who shaped the worlds that were used for Better Menu Pack

glowstonebomber, fredengeneer731art, yavinstudios, gavin_a_mc, sanebusiness, HaxTheCharizard, ProfuseComet986, Bagethesaiyan and Insertnamehere


BlueLight Creatives

Better Menu Pack x BlueLight Creatives

BMP is in collaboration with BlueLight Creatives with their new shader Enlight. Enlight comes with Detailed Shadows, Atmospheric Fog, Dynamic Lighting, Realistic Rain and more, These options can be customized or disabled through the new ENLS app available soon through Google Play or available to download through here: Enlight Shader

Download both Enlight shader and Better Menu Pack and it will unlock a bonus background! Just make sure that Better Menu Pack is selected on "Custom Background" and have the shader above BMP

Season 1 Credits

Season 1 backgrounds use this awesome shader and texture pack that really makes the backgrounds pop!

Parallax Shaders & Textures by THEHYBRED

One of the Season 1 backgrounds feature a mod that has a brand new overworld, creatures, items and more, Almost making the game feel brand new!


Fair Usage

You May:

Edit the contents of the pack (for personal uses)

Make YouTube videos about this pack (Must credit and only link to this page)

Make background addons for this pack

Use the pack on your own server (Must credit, If you're going to add a link then use this page)

You May Not:

Reupload this pack to this site / upload to other sites (This pack stays on and

Redistribute the code and use for your own packs (Contact me on Twitter if you wish to use the code for your pack)


Bugs? Problems? Suggestions?

If you experience any issues or like to provide feedback, please either tweet or message me on Twitter: @MythosProjects

Select version for changelog:


Version 5.0.0 Update // Final Update

Main Pack

  • Removed Season 3 Content
  • Added 6 New Backgrounds
  • New "Create New World" Texture
  • Updated all UI json (Pack should properly work with 1.17)
  • Updated "title" texture
  • New Pack Icon

Season 1-3 Pack

  • Added Season 1-3 in one pack
  • Removed separate Seasonal packs

UI Pack

  • Updated Pack icon
  • Updated version [v.1.0.1] -> [v.1.0.2]


  • Updated Featured image
  • Updated page to be more viewable and cleaner

Supported Minecraft versions


Installation Guides

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4.35 / 5 (65 votes)
please add when i presses button the backround changes for example:i press play button it will change backround please add it
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lolkroop434biftekakis January 01, 2022 at 7:15 am
uhh how do i add it to mc? I have tried a lot and still nothing.
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This works on 1.17??
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Updated recently for support for 1.17! :)
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The Adoon didn't worked👎😔
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Thanks for at least checking out the pack!

Though may I get specifics on whats not working?

If you are using the Season 1-3 pack make sure that the main Better Menu Pack is enabled and set to Custom Backgrounds in the options menu. Thanks! :)
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Hey idk but when i want to download the pack it say's that the site doesn't exists
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Good texture pack, unfortunately i can't use it even i put the texture on the top, im playing on 1.17.10
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Can i use one of the background for my texture pack, i will give credit :)
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i already inject the shader but its not working can someone help me? ;< Im using 1.16.221 Windows 10 edition
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Are you actually serious??? In the website they say "android and IOS support windows 10 not supported" and you download it?? Don't you know abt render dragon??
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I already inject the shader but its not working can someone help me ? :
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This isn't a shader pack just a normal texture pack.
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Hello and good afternoon, I am a medium shader and texture creator (not recognized) who would like to use the file start_screen.json in the ui folder, I will give credits, postscript: I have no application to contact you, please just tell me yes or no... Please
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Hello! start_screen.json doesn't really contain anything important besides one line of code that enables the other files to set an image in the menu.

Using just that json won't give any results

However you got more to this matter then please contact me on Twitter at: @MythosProjects
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The pack does work, If you are wanting to use the other seasons just make sure the main pack is enabled and set on "Custom Background" then the following season you want.

If you are experiencing issues please contact me on Twitter at: @MythosProjects
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what shader was used in these backgrounds? i wanna use it
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Hey Mthyo Can I use your Season 2 nether Background I give Credit
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Hello! Please contact me on twitter at: @MythosProjects or my discord: Mytho#3752
And we'll discuss about using a background, Thanks!
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