Bone Utilities Add-on

This add-on adds new uses for bones which are very cool are 3 new armor, 2 weapons and a multi-tool (all with their respective recipes) and additionally there are 3 extra recipes...

(It is necessary to activate the experimental mode for the operation of this add-on, otherwise it will not work) if your device is windows 10 it may not work either, this add-on was made on an android device

To start, how can I make the weapons and the bone multi-tool?

First the bone knife:

Does 4 attack damage and has 54 uses (arguably better than a wooden sword)

It is manufactured as follows:

Second the sword of bones

does 6 attack damage and has 105 uses (has less use than an iron sword but does the same damage)

It is manufactured as follows:

Third the bone mallet:

It does 6 attack damage and has 200 uses, it is used to break objects in a way similar to an iron pick (but it cannot preserve minerals or stones, it breaks them but does not drop the object) with the rest of the materials such as earth and wood is a very good tool (it gives jump effects and up to 2) and breaks leaves and cobwebs just by approaching them (it is the best tool and weapon of the add-on)

It is manufactured as follows:

How to make bone armors? (Armors are put on when touched by hand on the ground or in the air, like any other armor, but cannot be put from inventory, but can be removed from inventory)

first, the exoskeleton

It is manufactured as follows:

Grants resistance effect 1 and increases your default health to 22 hearts

second, exoskeleton with leather

It is manufactured as follows:

Grants effect of resistance 1, haste 1 and strength 1 and increases your default health to 24 hearts

third, exoskeleton reinforced

It is manufactured as follows:

Grants effects of Haste 2, jump boost 2, Night Vision 1, resistance 2, and Strength 2, and increases your default health to 30 hearts

And finally the 3 new recipes (they are for making skulls)

1 and 2 skull

3. Zombie skull

4.Skull (New)

(still pending) According to the comments I will be able to add more uses for the bones in the next update (for now I think about the final improvement for the exoskeletic armor, the exoskeleton with netherite)

Select version for changelog:


New recipe, highly requested to convert wither skulls to normal skulls

I have problems to be able to make armor (of the new ones that have a protection bar) and tools, custom weapons (and these that can be enchanted) it is somewhat difficult, if I get help from someone within a month there will be the update that will rewrite almost everything the add-on to improve it a lot


If you download it in .zip you only have to extract the .zip and take each folder to the corresponding one in the games folder (the one of behaviors where the behaviors and the one of textures where the textures)

If you download it in .mcaddon you only have to open it with the minecraft application so that it is installed manually (and if you already have it configured to open it with minecraft you only have to click on the file and it will install automatically)

I await your comments of your experience with the add-on


  • B_u_addon.mcaddon
  • Boneutilities.mcaddon

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Heyy, can u make the skulls obtainable through cooking wither skeletons head, since they're easier to obtain? I'd appreciate it
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somethings wrong with the 2nd armor texture is missing
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agreed, please fix this.
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You commented on my mod, Valhalla Guards. I'd love to work on some mods with you. Join my discord and contact me! Link is on my mod page I can't post it for some reason.
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Use the experimental gameplay
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there is a problem when extracting the file, it stops at 43% and then when you open the extracted file there is only a resource pack
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FYI for Windows 10 users, the exoskeletons are uncraftable but the effects from it are always active
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Hello, I want to create an armor but even more important is that I want to create a creature for my friend, I don't know very well how accessories are made, I already created the model, I just want to know how it is programmed
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You can get copy the code from addon or you can use addon maker app for template
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