Published on February 04, 2021

Boost - Skyblock

Welcome To Boost, A Skyblock Oneblock Type Map.

This Map Is Different Then Other Maps. You spawn on a tree an infinite grass block under the tree for dirt a barrel for water and lava. small islands with infinite lava and water stored inside. and the Station Telleporter.


  • Boost, A Skyblock Map.mcworld

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FIRST. also, make it also available for 1.14 maybe?
because i use EDU edition
Im not sure if i can do that. Try getting normal minecraft
I'm poor, and only have a Chromebook, and getting a job at my age or just making money during quarantine is hard for me especially with what I have. You could have at least put it in a nice way. Also "try getting normal minecraft" how about you try getting "normal Minecraft" assuming you meant the newest version of Minecraft...
I did not mean to say that in a mean way. I was simply telling them that I can't do that, and giving them some advice on what to do,
I'm sorry that I cannot fix this issue.