Published on March 22, 2021 (Updated on May 10, 2021)

GHP's Custom Raft Survival v.2 Full V2 Release!

Welcome To Raft survival. A Minecraft challenge in the water.

Featuring, Working water currents, Custom fishing, Custom raft, Starter loot, And much more! "Works best with shaders" 


V Overview of the map with Rtx on 


You wake up, head hurts. and hungry. What do you do? You spawn on a small little floating board. with just some support planks and a barrel.


You decide to open the barrel

This food won't last forever. at least it's here. Maybe this fishing rod can do something.

You Try and fish some items, What happens next? That's for you to explore, For your own Journey...

Welcome To Raft Survival. By GreatHeroPeter aka GreatHeroPeter9 On Xbox.

Fishing loot table

-Updated V2

You can't beat the game just yet. keep in mind, more stuff is being added!



GreatHeroPeter9 - Main creator

Bionic - Made a raft series Like this, inspired by his video!



Do Not republish this map on Any other websites.

I Cannot comment on most of them, and most of them don't credit me.

Anyways This map was Officially Made by GreatHeroPeter.

Select version for changelog:


Edited grammar and added more credit. as I said Do not republish!


Map made for 1.16+


  • Raft_Survival_V2.mcworld
  • Raft Survival Non updated V1

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Very sorry, But the new update completely ruined my fishing mechanic. I Will be fixing this soon!
Very sorry, But the new update completely ruined my fishing mechanic. I Will be fixing this soon!
there is no shark evey raft game has a shark
Can this map play on Java ?
This map is on bedrock. The commands may be wonky if ported to java.
Quiero decir objetos aleatorios
La caña no me tira más objetos normales
This is a really fun map until you get so far into the game to the point that every like 5 seconds a wither or ender dragon spawns and i really do wonder why would u make that a thing
What do you mean about a wither and ender dragon spawning?
Unless you mean the lightning you get from the ender eyes and fishing exp?
amazing is there structures still in the map?
There are no structures. or ruins, ill try adding stuff in the next update, when the full testing release is out!
can you update it to the latest version of Minecraft Why should version 1.15? Isn't it working in the latest version of Minecraft?
i originally thought it would work in 1.15 but a commenter told me that I couldn't do that. this is mainly working for 1.16+
Great work! A new survival series is gonna be viral on youtube.....!!
Hi, I'd like to say to have 1.15 as a map you must make the map entirely with 1.15 blocks in order to work and also add the link to the 1.15 version
totally in love with this map. I was hoping you could add a way to get enchantments.
You copied the name that I came up for my map. 😡
I'm sorry, i dident know any other maps like this. do you want me to change the name?, though both of the maps are free :/
I have a game just like that Nice
Nice, I really likeed it, i actually dreamed for things like this Great job!