Published on November 14, 2020 (Updated on December 08, 2020)

Mine Caveren "Creation"

A Small Mountan area with a cave and a little pond with a small cottage! with lots of mountan terrain! for people that want a small village or such for a world!

This is a small world as you can see from above! theres a list of things here i will show you!

Small View Of Cottage Mountans And Pond:

Cottage "Outside View"

Cottage "Inside View"

Mineshaft! No Pictures Inside Because Thats A Secret YOU! Need To Discover!

Thanks For Reading! I Hope You Enjoy The Map!

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Fixed English And Some Other Stuff Next Update Stuff Added Soon!



Addon to make this world is by: GoogledGecko!

Check out his addon here!

Please Do Not Copy This Map But You Got Permision To Make Something Like It If This Inspires You


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