Published on February 01, 2021

Redstone Compact Bunker v1

Welcome! Over the past month I've worked on a redstone bunker!

The bunker contains: cow farm, crops farm & a sugercane farm

It also has a storage section a mine and the nether, smeltery and a work station


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Please check my bunker.
NAME:Arctic under ground bunker. Thank you.
ik my speeling not the best
is there eny armory in the map or war room also i have been working on a large 4 mounth long biuld with a masive redstond bunker and everything requred at all to servive every farm every block generator with a medevel theme to it do you have eny advice that could help. also i have seen your map and it works realy well supub job
Im planning on getting lots of resorces if anyone has other freinds they can get some armor and such and im working on a better farm and better interior Good idea!