Published on February 01, 2021 (Updated on February 01, 2021)

Redstone Compact Bunker v1

Welcome! Over the past month I've worked on a redstone bunker!

The bunker contains: cow farm, crops farm & a sugercane farm

It also has a storage section a mine and the nether, smeltery and a work station

Heres Some Pictures! And To Show How Stuff Works!

You Will Spawn Outside with some Keycards- More into those later

This is the Door To The Bunker "Its Secret"

Then Click The Hidden Stone Button To Open The Door.

This is what the first stage looks like now

Now use 1 of the keycards... Put it in the dropper and click the red button This will open the door The keycard is named specialy with the § symbole "Section Sign" so nobody unless they got a keycard can enter.

Second Stage! Now take the keycard out of the barrel "it takes a minute" after the door closses it should be back in the barrel then go in the water elevator

the water elevator is designed in a way that you wont take damage when you go on the magma block "with iron bars"

then you enter the bunker!


smithy and the enchanting room

orginised enchanting room books exp bottles and lapis

cow farm: breed the cows and let the baby cows drop to the dispensers

after the baby cows grow up press the stone button to Murder them then you get leather and beef Design By LuckySalmonSugercane Farm "Zero Tick"

Flick the lever to start it. it will begin to grow sugercane VERY fast design by LuckySalmon

Then we got the crop farm the mine and the nether, oh and the storage system

Havent explored much of the nether yet, i made a small base camp in there

Crop Farm! it has almost every crop in the game exept from mellons and pumpkins

press the wooden button to make water fall and drop them into the hoppers

Then you can put them into the chests whenever you dont need them

And Thats it!- Oh wait i forgot the storage room!

Here it is :/

Welp Thats it! Dont forget to Share And Tweet!

ill keep makeing these more often!


GreatHeroPeter- the entire world

LuckySalmon- the amazeing farms

Thanks for Reading! Goodbye


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ik my speeling not the best
is there eny armory in the map or war room also i have been working on a large 4 mounth long biuld with a masive redstond bunker and everything requred at all to servive every farm every block generator with a medevel theme to it do you have eny advice that could help. also i have seen your map and it works realy well supub job
Im planning on getting lots of resorces if anyone has other freinds they can get some armor and such and im working on a better farm and better interior Good idea!