Published on July 16, 2019 (Updated on April 20, 2022)

Chisel for Bedrock Editon v1.20

The Chisel mod is a very popular decoration mod used frequently on java edition but bedrock edition has not had access to it, until now. That's right I have figured out a way to bring chisel to bedrock edition and it uses one of the brand new blocks the stone cutter!

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  • Updated json to new format to fix blocks showing light through them
  • Added many new trim blocks
    • All concrete
    • Endstone
    • PurPur
    • Glowstone
    • Limestone
    • Marble
    • New factory blocks
  • New Factory Blocks added
  • Blocks requiring crafting in crafting table now show up in recipe book
  • Chisel blocks now show in creative inventory


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Hello everyone. Sorry for lack of reply's on here as I don't check this page regularly but I do read your comments and take note of any bugs. Better way to reach me is on Twitter for faster responses. I am seeing a lot of people saying it is not working for 1.17 and am curious to know what issues people are having as it has been working for me after 1.17 like it is supposed to. Note I do know about Basalt Limestone and marble not generating and will have that fixed by the next update. For now to obtain those blocks you will need to use the recipes. Any other issues let me know by replying to this or for faster response and personal help DM me on Twitter.
1.18.2 Blocks do not work, in the factory some blocks without textures (UPDATE! Writes) and some with broken textures. (I activated all possible add-ons to fix textures)
Hey, this is an excellent addon but a couple of the missing textures make it unplayable. When loading into a new world on the current version of MC (v1.18.31). There are missing textures everywhere.
I will list blocks that I found to have missing textures:
-Honeycomb Block
-Cobblestone Wall
-Stone Stairs
-Cobblestone Stairs
-Glass (just glass the colored glass is fine)
-Glass Pane
-Stone Slab
-Cobblestone Slab
-The bottom of farmland blocks
-Infested Stone
-Infested Cobblestone
-The bottom of bookshelves

I would like to note that the blocks included in this texture pack work perfectly and none of them have any texture issues, it's just the base game blocks that have missing textures. Thank you for the hard work you've done on this addon!
Could you add chests, ladders, and furnace variants. Preferably textures from quark mod. Thanks.
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I love the addon, it even works on my realms… but for some reasons it makes my friends crash… works for me tho 😂
I really loved this addon and have been using it since 2021! but can u add more 1.18 (with blackstone) and 1.19(when they release) block and their variants? Also, it would be cool if blocks like gold and iron would get connected texture blocks!
I was looking forward to an update!
I have a suggestion; could you enable us to chisel 1.17 blocks like amethyst, calcite, copper, deepslate and tuff? Another user wrote a comment like this, but I also want this feature.
forgot to rate
Finally an update, I've waiting for this!, Thank you!!, Btw There's an issue that if you created a world and add many add-ons and texture packs on it(including this addon) all blocks(including vannilla blocks) will look black, I don't know if it's because of addon compability or just a bug if many pack loaded in the world. I'm playing on mobile 1.18.12/1.18.30.
Hey, great mod! I’ve especially loved this update! But the chest and voidstone blocks are still missing though. 🫥
hey can you make the 1.17 blocks please the deepslate, amethyst etc. please thank you for reading my comment
OneFanMoreOfMinecraft January 08, 2022 at 9:29 pm
Well this happend me in all the worlds what i've created, the glass is not transparent, I can't get the Lava Cobble, Factory and Laboratory Blocks and The Glowstone doesn't have light.
OneFanMoreOfMinecraft January 08, 2022 at 9:28 pm
Well this happend me in all the worlds what i've created, the glass is not transparent, I can't get the Lava Cobble, Factory and Laboratory Blocks and The Glowstone doesn't have light.
Please make this a mod. I REALLY need a mod for 1.18 of this.