Published on July 16, 2019 (Updated on June 20, 2023)

Chisel for Bedrock Edition v2.0 (Chisel added!)

The Chisel mod is a very popular decoration mod used frequently on java edition but bedrock edition has not had access to it, until now. That's right I have figured out a way to bring chisel to bedrock edition using the stone cutter!

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  • Backend changes to how textures are applied to blocks to lower overall texture count needed. This is due to bedrock having a texture limit which it was close to reaching before this update.
  • Added Iron Chisel
    • Can find recipe by searching Chisel in a crafting table.
    • Allows chiseling blocks placed in the world to cycle through the available blocks of that type.
      • Right click block with chisel to cycle forward through the blocks
      • Crouch- Right click to cycle backwards
  • Removed all blocks that had textures larger than 16x16. These were out of place and improperly added when compared to Original Mod. May be added back in future if I can replicate the original mod.
  • Added Cuts block for a lot of block types.
    • When placed in the world has randomized texture.
  • Some blocks condensed into a single block instead of multiple.
    • Bookshelves now are one block and to get the end and middle variants you use the Chisel.
    • Laboratory arrow blocks are now a single arrow block.
      • Changes direction based on what block face it's placed on.
      • Can use chisel to select end and middle variants similar to bookshelf.
  • Chisel Slabs Updated to work with new chisel texture system.

Some of these changes will cause errors due to missing blocks so make sure to backup your world before updating! Most blocks however will transfer no problem.


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If you find any bugs or are having issues the best place to let me know is on my Twitter/X @Mc77Rivers.
Work in 1.20.60?
Hi, we love this addon for long time. Any alternative link for the slab version? My antivirus does not like that page for multiple reasons...
very nice addon. you tihnk it is possible to make rtx compatibility? im making the backrooms and these blocks are very great for the map
I loved this addon, but what is the battery craft?
If you find any bugs or are having issues the best place to let me know is on my Twitter/X @Mc77Rivers.
Hey awesome mod but can you update it for the newest Minecraft edition coming out?
add more chisel blocks for 1.21
Hay alguna herramienta especifica para quitar los bloques, trato de romper un bloque con eficiencia 5 y tarda lo mismo que si lo hago con la mano. Solo es una duda, el complemento es muy bueno.
please update
please make it to 1.20🙏
need to update and fix the uncentered textures on a lot of blocks
brooo update to 1.20 plss
I have been trying at adsense's robot verification for 20 minutes now with no luck, I can't download the slabs addon :(
I am wanting to use this on an SMP, if you could help that would be amazing! The start date is July 15th. I love this addon and was excited to see slabs added! (Main mod is downloaded so IDK)
Very cool addon, now my game has so many building options!
However I would like to point out some issues with the addon, I don't know if they are technical limitations but:
- Transforming vanilla blocks into chisel blocks in the stonecutter are slow
- The chisel blocks can be broken with your bare hands
Can you update this
This comment has been removed