Chungus' Overhaul 9.3 [Bug Fixes & Tweaks]

This pack aims to keep Minecraft's standard look while improving it subtly with small tweaks. It includes many of my other packs as well as some smaller tweaks and updates.  Feel free to leave ANY suggestions in the comments, I greatly appreciate it.


Special thanks to:

Eteety for their cubic items textures -

JustZitt for their hotbar slot animation code


Please note: not well tested for mobile, if you would like to help test for mobile message me on discord - BigChungus21220#0893, or email my gmail - [email protected]

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removed various boring variants
increased rarity of shrooms on endstone and mycelium
redid bedrock
redid purpur
decreased saturation of colormap
fixed armour bars
fixed ui bugs



  • CP_v9.2.mcpack (23.38 MB)

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I love your skin in the picture, where did you get it? 😍
bro btw the attack damage is +1 then their supposed to but other than that great pack
u sure? cus I copied it straight from the wiki
This is actually a pretty good texture pack👍
You can makes the parrots variants diferents example :the Macaw red big than others variants the green parrot whyout the plume the gray little
Wow this texture is awesome but you can make a version without the custom ui? Pls
just go to the resource pack folder and delete the folder named ui in the main folder and the folder named ui in the textures folder
Can i do a texture pack with your squid model please?
I will credit you
reddit wholsum chongers
Sure just post your personal pack without saying you used elements from other texture packs and "Allow" people to edit for personal use.
bruh click my profile and see who created those packs
fallen get roasted
Hey that’s the strider from the better strider texture pack
Holy Fcking Cown, This the pack for the basic content creators out there, u could add more "addons" like potion indicator and sometin, But overall FIRE
Hey! nice texture pack, its vey simple and clean
btw what is the name of you skin its pretty cool
ITZMEENDERDEMENDER March 20, 2021 at 7:11 am
Is there a slider thingy? I rrly like the pack... But i kinda dont like the GUI and tge UI change... Its good looking ngl... But i still prefer the vanilla one...
in the latest update the slider causes issues with lag so I removed it. If you want to remove the ui just delete the folders named ui in the pack
I loved the pack, but is there any way I can get your skin?