Published on June 16, 2019

Chunk Survival - New Edition

Do you enjoy chunk survival maps? Here's a new style of it. This time there will be multiple chunks to survive on them. Just one thing: Don't fall in the void!



  • Chunk Survival [New Edition] By 32Vache.mcworld

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theres nothing in the file lol its a tro
Guest-4896131670 May 14, 2020 at 1:17 pm
this world has nothing it gets corrupt when you change it to zip so you cant even extract it
It isn't a zip file i download it and its a mcworld but there is nothing the data on the file is 0KB
when i download it, it says level export failed
It says lvl import failed
what shaders are you using
There’s no zip!!!! I could have broken my iPad
If installation via .mcworld fails, change the .mcworld extension to .zip and follow the tutorial on the description
Imma make a survival outta it Nice Map Tho
I can’t download the .mcworld
I tried to create world like this few weeks ago in Minecraft bedrock 1.11 using inventory editor and I didn't work.
Can you share the way you create it?
Doesnt download correctly, and fails import everytime.
You Ios Bro?