Published on February 06, 2022

Client 32

Tired of lagy or bad disigned Client for MCPE:INTRODUCING CLIENT 32!This MCPE client is one of the best of all time! It is disigned for pvp games such as duels, skywars, bedwars, the bridge and more but also made to reduce a maximum of lag for low-end divices!This pack took me a long time to make so if you enjoy, make sure to comment the post and to subscribe to my yt channel by using the link below or just by searching "Ulysse 32" on YouTube!



Installation Guides

This isn't a client this is a pvp-pack with cosmetics and an "fps boost!!1!!111". Don't call it a client, call it a pvp-pack like 32-PVP or something, and if you want it to be a client it needs more than just a pvp-pack cosmetics and an fps boost, it needs something like an armor hud, keystrokes, compass hud, or just anything that makes it more than just a pvp-pack
Lmao, this is only version 1 and it has lots more features than a simple pvp pack lol. And if you want to know, i am working on making other things on it, anyways it is not the final version lol