Published on February 09, 2020 (Updated on March 08, 2020)

Coca Cola Truck Addon

The Coca-Cola Truck finally gets to Bedrock Edition of Minecraft! Introducing fully functional, drivable (4 seats) truck with semi-trailer. The original Cola-Cola Christmas Truck advertisement comes from 1995, up to date this ad has literally gone around the world and today it is quite hard to find someone, who doesn’t know about it. So, if you've ever dreamed of getting into the vehicle or driving the truck, this is chance for your dream to come true, through Minecraft.

Creator: Nogard (Twitter, YouTube, Facebook)

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Coca Cola Truck Addon V1.1 Bugfix Update. Fixed error in animation controllers, which could stop animations on the semitrailer. Precised truck's rotation point for the semitrailer. Semitrailer is no longer partially in the truck, when you stop driving. Added suport for Minecraft 1.15.

Edited manifest.json: 

  • Edited description
  • Added new UUIDS (no duplication with older version)



  • Coca Cola Truck Addon.mcaddon
  • Coca Cola Truck

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So I’m not the only one where the trailer literally drives the truck but cool mod
I LOVE IT but please do something like this but like a fire truck or a ladder truck
I like the mod it's very cool can you make more trailer trucks like

Trailers Trucks
Tanker Trailer Truck 4 Wheels
Box Trailer Semi Truck
Oversize Trailer Oversize Loader Truck
you should update this m,ake it better and make it super good also best mod ever
nice boy ice B)
You did a very good job on that Coca Cola Truck Addon I love it
Guest-5602744082 May 23, 2020 at 3:52 am
It won't import to minecraft...
Good mod but I would like it if the trailer didn't move the truck when I'm not driving it idk if this is a bug or just how the mod works but if you can pls fix so if i want the truck and the trailer to stay still it will happen without the trailer moving itself
can u get the trailer off
you have to kill the trailer it says this in the mod description
makes a popular Brazilian car or tractor for farms
Good addon, but make the hit box a bit smaller because it get smacked in the face by the top of a tunnel, and pls make the Coke a custom item.

Still good tho :) :) :) :)
Very top makes a tractor to put in Minecraft farms