COD Zombies: WaW-Der Riese [Minigame]

Welcome to Der Riese! This was the fourth zombies instalment of COD and it brought many new features that have been used to this day. I tried my best to bring those features into Minecraft as well. Remember those small Easter eggs from the original? Those are here. Remember Pack a Punch? Yep, that's here too. This map along with another one has been highly requested by many of you so I hope it delivers.

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Update 7: Highly requested changes finally added


Universal changes (excluding Holiday Themed Nacht Der Untoten):


-added a "Restart Map" feature that allows you to reset the entire map so you start back at the Lobby Room. You can reset the map from the "game over" room/ the room where everyone can check their high score (I still recommend keeping one copy of the map in case something becomes messed up during the playthrough)

-zombies now shouldn't spawn in areas that are not open yet

-updated colored signs on the map to make them more vibrant and visible in darker areas

-fixed issue that may have caused some players to not be able to download the resource packs if they were trying to join the host


Der Riese:

-added "coils" at the electric trap locations to make it obvious where the trap will be

-changed name of "Trap" to "Electric Trap" to better imply what it does

-teleporter now gives players "Absorption" when used

Thanks for being patient and, as always, thanks for the feedback!


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Hey, I'm interested in making my own Zombies map, and was wondering how you did the enchants on the weapons? You aren't able to do /enchant or use an anvil to put a lot of the enchants that're on the weapons, so I was just wondering how you did that because I'm curious :)
Hello, sorry for the late response. I use a free modding program called Universal Minecraft Editor by Opryzelp
Srzycosmicdoescrap April 17, 2021 at 4:25 pm
There is only one thing i recomend make it so the zombies cant spawn outside of the doors it is extremlly hard single player.
Attention: I've been made aware that some maps (including this one) have been having crashing issues due to recent Minecraft updates. I'm working on fixes and will have an update out soon. I apologize to everyone for the issues.
This is absolutely amazing, there were some features that made me astonished the most.
5.The hellhounds
4.The Pack-A-Punch machine
3.The “HELP” and “SOS” sign written in sand bags on top of two of the buildings
2. Burning the monkey in the furnace and Samantha getting mad at you
1. The annoying Clinging ambience that you always hear in the early rounds of Der Riese
Also I really love the WaW skins!
And also I was a bit puzzled when I went in the “Nether”
But anyways, keep up the good work!
Thank you! I appreciate the feedback! Glad you enjoyed the little easter eggs from the map. Hope you were able to find the "Fly Trap" one as well!
how do you get more arrows/ammo (love this map btw)
There are wall buys throughout the map with places to buy a stack of arrows
MrAgentBlaze's Second Account September 01, 2020 at 1:07 am
um. . ., you could get some permission with Actual Guns MCBE for real guns
So i'm playing on my xbox one and I installed this map, everything worked perfectly till it came down to the weapons. The guns don't seem to be working, am I the only one getting this issue?
The "Guns" aren't actually guns. They are just regular enchanted tools/weapons renamed to fit the map. I gave an example in the download description above.
hey friend could you make a video showing it because I've been playing a lot and it really entertains but I don't know how to play it.
I love this map, you could do Ascension and shi no numa would love it
how do you activate the music Easter egg? is it by punching the "brain jars", by trying to break them, or some other way?
What would the round changing sound be?
Search it up
Sir i need your help on making a mob can you please help me?
Here is a tip for u my friend if u can put the skin pack as an backpaccuz minecraft sees it as a skin pack and will put it as a skin pack when it sees it instead of a behavior or texture pack try that and see how it works
What do you mean? I’m curious to see if this can work
How do you spawn the zombies with random professions I can’t figure it out
Copy and paste all of the textures on to the apocolapse z addon zombies and rename each texture according to the original name. You would have to rename them something like”variant1...2..etc”. Make sure you have the same number of texture files as it was originally. This way you dont get untextured zombies. If you do this correctly you could have zombies with variants in egg, with their unique abilities from that apocolapse z addon. Just put the textures you want and keep repeating until you have enough texture files in that folder. Go to resource- textures- entity- and you will have a lot of zombies to choose from. This is easier done than said. It is harder to explain than to do it honestly. I did this all on my files explorer xbox, NOT a pc. Hope this helps
Unfortunately, I don't believe you can randomly spawn them with spawn eggs anymore. I think the only way they spawn them with a random profession is through a mob spawner.
I already tried that like I put the egg in the spawner and it spawns the same type
Can you please help me to make a custom mob, i have the model and texture, but the rest i cannot due, please and thank you