Published on January 04, 2021 (Updated on March 15, 2021)

Colored Slime Blocks Addon

An old idea from the Redstone community that would apparently only stay in java, but is now possible in Bedrock.

I warn that they are only decorative, but maybe you can find some use for them

First, what does this curious Addon add?

This addon adds Smile blocks, however, with the 16 colors of the original Minecraft vanilla.

Warning: These blocks are for decorative purposes only and do not function as Smile blocks.

Here every block that adds this addon:

To get it, just put "/ give @s ColoredSlime:"

Red Slime Block crafting recipe:

Orange Slime Block crafting recipe:

Momentarily, due to an error on my part, the Yellow Slime Block cannot be obtained in a survival world, since commands are needed, but in the next update this error will be corrected.


Lime Slime Block crafting recipe:

Comparison between the Lime Slime Block and the common Slime Block:

Green Slime Block crafting recipe:

Comparison between the Green Slime Block and the Common Slime Block:

Light Blue Slime Block crafting recipe:

Cyan Slime Block crafting recipe:

Blue Slime Block crafting recipe:

Purple Slime Block crafting recipe:

Magenta Slime Block crafting recipe:

Pink Slime Block crafting recipe:

Brown Slime Block Crafting recipe:

White Slime Block crafting recipe:

Light Gray Slime Block crafting recipe:

Gray Slime Block crafting recipe:

Black Slime Block crafting recipe:

Basic questions:

Slime blocks block sunlight?

R- Nope. They also do not generate shade

Can they be pushed by pistons?

R- Yes

Can they be attracted to sticky pistons?

R- YesThey have slime balls?

R- No.

If they have fire, they can disappear?

R- They may be burning, but they will not be consumed.

They can reduce or eliminate fall damage?

R- Nope.

And that's it!

Here are the settings used to make this addon work.

With nothing more to say, this is it! 

Any opinion or suggestion, tell me in the comments!

Update 1.1

What's new?

The recipe for the Yellow Slime Blocks was added now it works correctly.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to fix the texture error but I hope to fix it soon.

Select version for changelog:


Fixed the recipe for crafting the Yellow Slime Blocks, as previously it did not work correctly, but I managed to fix it.


  • Colored Slime 1.1.mcaddon
  • Colored Slime

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4.5 / 5 (4 votes)
I promise y'all, if Bedrock Edition soon has the ability to add custom blocks that actually have functionality, this one will be like Java's.
only if it could bounce you back, anyways great addon
They look really good but if it's possible, you could make them a bit transparent like a normal slime block? If that happens this would definitely be a 5 star add-on
I'll give it a try in the second update, and I'll also add the crafting recipe for the yellow Slime Block.
I can help you make them partially transparent. Just use the "blend" render method in material instances, add some transparency to the texture in Blockbench, and then you're good to go 😉
You can try to add the codes from the Honey Blocks and Slime Blocks into this Add-on. I don't know if you ever tried it..
No thats not possible by using addons
I haven't seen any other Slime add-ons that add the mechanics of the original Slime block, so for now it's a no.