Published on July 08, 2020 (Updated on July 08, 2020)

Op Swords

Would you like to have more swords in your Minecraft world?

Do you want more exciting combat?

Do you want to make your world more interesting?

Well this addon is for you, my dear friend

If you are reading this is because you are interested in my addon, or am I wrong?

If not, I will tell you what my addon adds.

Add 5 epic swords and an extra to your world?

Are you still interested?

Well now let me tell you about swords...

"Op Swords"

What are op swords?

Op swords are, so to speak, a next "level" for your conventional overworld swords.

It is an "upgrade" to have swords with higher damage and greater durability.

Since I explained what they are, now I will tell you about all of them

"Op wooden sword"

Item id: Op_wooden_sword

Durability: 125

Damage: 8 hearts

Healt: 22.5

Effect: None

Let's start with the weakest in terms of damage, and it's the easiest to get.

I'm talking about the wooden op sword.

With a small tree, you can already get this sword....


- 1 wooden sword

- 1 stick

- 3 oak planks

"Op stone sword"

Item ID: Op_stone_sword

Durability: 270

Damage: 10

Healt: 23

Effect: None

Now, we go to the intermediate sword, which is neither strong nor weak, I speak of the stone op sword.

It was supposed to be the second easiest sword to obtain, only being surpassed by the wooden one, but due to an error on my part, it has a difficulty of obtaining similar to that of gold, since I chose infested stone instead of normal stone .

In future updates this error will be fixed


- 1 stone sword

- 1 stick

- 3 infested stone

"Op iron sword"

Item ID: Op_iron_sword

Durability: 510

Damage: 12.5

Healt: 25 

Effect: Resistance II

And now, the second strongest sword in the addon, also, the second easiest to get, and in my opinion, the easiest.

We are talking about the iron op sword.

This sword falls into a category that I just invented, which is, "Miner's Swords".

What differentiates these swords from the others is that, as the materials have to be mined, they provide an effect to the wearer of the swords.

Well, you may wonder, what is this effect?

The effect it gives you is Resistance II.. II..


- 1 iron sword

- 1 stick

- 3 iron ingots

"Op Golden sword"

Item ID: Op_golden_sword

Durability: 70

Damage: 8.5

Healt: 24

Effect: Speed II

The least durable sword, the second weakest, and the second most difficult to obtain.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the golden sword of op.

This is the second sword that is part of the "Miners' Swords" category, as it is a somewhat difficult material to obtain.

Being part of this category gives you an effect, which is, Speed II.


- 1 gold sword

- 1 stick

- 3 gold bars

"Op diamond sword"

Item ID: op_diamond_sword

Durability: 3500

Damage: 15

Healt: 27.5

Effect: Strength II

And finally, the strongest, the most durable, the brightest, the most difficult to get, and in my opinion, the most beautiful.

We talk about nothing more and nothing less, that ...

* Drums *

The diamond op sword!

You must be advanced enough in Minecraft to be able to crack it.

This sword is the third to be part of the "Miner's Swords" category, and because of this it gives you an effect.

What effect does it give you?

Aside from giving you more hearts, it gives you the Strength II effect.


- 1 diamond sword

- 1 stick -

3 diamonds


Golems can now be summoned from the crafting table!

Save time putting the blocks yourself and have the spawner do it for you!

What do I mean by golems?

These are the creatures:

- Iron Golem

- Snow Golem

- Wither

How to do it?

Pay attention

The Wither is invoked by placing 4 "T" Soul Arena, and on top of this "T", place 3 Wither Skeleton Heads

To summon the snow golem, you must put a vertical line of snow blocks, and on top of these blocks, place a carved pumpkin.

It can be normal or shiny.

To summon the iron golem, you have to place 4 iron blocks in the shape of a "T", and in the line that includes two iron blocks, place a carved pumpkin.

It can be normal or shiny

By doing this, you will receive a totally useless item that will not serve you at all.

You must place this item on the crafting table again to receive the proper spawner.

Extra data: 

- Wither can only be spawned with soul sand.

In future updates I will add land of souls.

- For a small mistake, the iron golem will teleport you right where it spawn

We will start with the terms that, if you want to do a Review of my addon, or something else, you should see this.

1- You should not steal my addon and pass it off as yours.

Although, in the file indicates the creator, anyone with a fairly basic knowledge of this type of thing, can modify the code and pass the addon on their own.

They will think that as a minor I cannot do much, but they are underestimating me.

2- Do not publish my addon on other platforms outside Mcpedl.

My addon is only found in Mcpedl, and it is totally prohibited to publish it on other platforms or pages.

If you wish, you can leave platforms to upload my addon in the comments, but it is currently only in Mcpedl.

3- Do not use advertising on my links. It is totally forbidden to use my links and put advertising of any kind, such as adfly, link vertise, and so on.

4- You can monetize the video of my addon

This may sound silly, but there are some creators who don't like to monetize their addon video, but I'm not like them, so feel free to monetize it

. 5- If you are going to do a review, ask me for permission This must be obligatory, because you must mention here, at Mcpedl, that you want to review my addon, or else you will have consequences.

If I gave you my consent in any request from me, it is not necessary to abide by this rule

. 6- Leave your suggestions and ideas!

This is certainly optional, but with this, I can know what you would like me to include in my addon.

Social networks to communicate with me, or simply follow me:



Select version for changelog:




1- Click the link you want

2- Click on download

3- Below the indications depending on the file

4- If it is Mcaddon, go to your default application for downloads, and press it

4.5- If it is Zip, go to your file explorer, unzip the folder, take the 2 folders, and put them in their corresponding folders in the game files

5- Enjoy!

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nice man don't mea mean
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Nice to Meet You😊 June 17, 2021 at 3:48 am
Nice addon works perfectly
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Chinchilla Overlord January 20, 2021 at 4:33 pm
Also, extra credit for using straight download link
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Chinchilla Overlord January 20, 2021 at 4:32 pm
Works and serves well
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Chinchilla Overlord January 20, 2021 at 4:29 pm
Good addon
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Can someone tell me why are you guys mad at him?
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It would be nice if you put some effort into this mod.
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This is not a mod, but ok! I'll try do it better in the next update
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Ok first of all this addon is just very simple and very OP which isn’t very fun, second of all you are hating on so many well made packs just because your trashy addon didn’t become a success and finally the thing which was really bugging me was you hating on the cursed skin packs which the creator spend alot of time on and then you go hating on them for using a safe extension which is linkvertise... and then you saying that the pack was crap like? Its just really crappy to do just because he’s trying to be much more protective using linkvertise instead of adfly because adfly brings you to alot of websites filled with viruses so just do us a favor and stop hating on so many things that are so well made and don’t ever go mass hating on anything ever again.
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Well, I finally found the one add-on that you made. And I have MANY things to say about you, buddy. Firstly, how the HELL did you get denied NINE times?!?! Honestly, you should have just given up. And you decided to to hate on people just because your pathetic add-on that you probably made in 10 minutes got denied? Also, here's a question, why is it that you trash on the good add-ons, but compliment the garbage ones? Generally curious. Either way, I don't like you, judging by the rating of this add-on alot of people don't like you and I really hope you don't make anything else in the future. :) Also, I did try this add-on, and it's extremely basic. Also too overpowered
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I did not steal any textures for my pigman addon. The pigman skin is from older mc java files combined with the loincloth of the older pigman skin.
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