Consistent Mob Drops Addon

This addon makes that mobs drop a consistent number of items. This makes farms be better. An easier way to judge how many items will a mob drop. And make your survival experience better.

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now looting gives even more drops.

now works with cows and chicken.


now creepers when killed by a skeleton drop disc as normal.

Supported Minecraft versions

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u get the dragon head from the end city ship and the elytra from there too
the mobs dont drop XP and it is messing with villager code, they dont wake up when they sleep and if u wake them up manually they wont sleep or restock trades. great idea for an adddon but it is unusable with these bugs
Please in next version, Ender Dragon can drop Dragon Head.
It brings me to AdFly and says to hit allow to continue but its gonna spam me
The link keeps taking me to sketchy websites.
Can you make the dragon drop elytra as a single addon? Preferebly for 1.7
Good addon for any mob farm but the FOV on the screenshot tho looks weird lol
How does their FOV have anything to do with the addon? Lmao
Its because its max FOV