Published on July 30, 2021

Convenient Command Addon

Convenient Compass: This add-on adds a handy compass to your world Press and hold this compass to use various commands without a chat field                    

The controllers added by this add-on are at the bottom of the weapons section

You can use the following commands with this add-on 

gamemode tp give setblock clear kill effect armor other

These commands will help you create your world

creator :



  • con_eng.mcaddon (12.22 KB)
  • con_jp.mcaddon (12.63 KB)

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This is so good now i can easily access the basic commands, keep up the good work
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Works perfectly but once you choose a command you cant exit it, and in the "other" options there is a option to keep but instead it just turns into a compass and is kinda stuck there, and in the "give" command border block doesnt work it will just give you nothing
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doesn't work :/
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Ah sorry, just forgot to turn on the experimental options :]

Great addon, thanks!!
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