Counter-Strike 1.6 Skin Pack

Elite? GIGN? All Counter-Strike 1.6 characters? Yes! They have finally arrived to MCPE in a Single Skin Pack! All legendary good old memory Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists of CS 1.6 are in this pack!

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Removed "de_dust", "fy_snow" and "SvT: Assault" from the description since those maps are deleted.



Supported Minecraft versions

This b*tch is the best the skins look like im from cs.i love this sh*t
di sicurezza richiesto
Is it okay to use this to teach myself how to make skin packs? I will change the skins and manifest and everything, so it will technically be my skin pack when I'm done right?
Its awesome dude, but whats up with your profile picture?
Animated Zombie Grenade from CSO ma dud
Sorry but the last skin was made on internet. you were taking copyright very seriously then why taking other skin? only the last one btw.