Crosshair Bundle Pack

This is the Crosshair Bundle Pack!The Crosshair Bundle Pack is made up of a collection of different custom crosshairs in one pack! Using a different crosshair can be very useful in many different situations, one being PVP! The crosshair selection may be small but more will be coming so leave any suggestions in the comment section!

normal-shaped crosshair.

The target with a box around it.

Just a dot.

circle with a dot in it.

An X-shaped crosshair.

The circle and target combined.


Crosshairs In-Game


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Fixed Problem with health and hunger bar not showing up when used with another texture pack.


How to download!

What are the steps?

  1. Click the link depending on what platform you are using. If mobile then the (PE) option will come up.
  2. You will be brought to a website that will have 1 - 2 easy steps to do to get to the download!
  3. After completing, you will be brought to the download!

Supported Minecraft versions


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If you could add a crosshair thats the same as the circle with a dot in it but make it have two lines on the side please? If you won't that's understandable have a great day!
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Can youp please add*
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cool but I can't see hearts and hunger anymore :(
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Thank you so much! I really loved this pack but had a difficult time playing survival. Thanks again!
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i need the hearts please add something circles please but great work
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Absolutely insane pictures man, keep it up
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