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Sword Bundle Pack v2 (Now with 32x Texture!)

This is the Sword Bundle Pack!

What is the Sword Bundle Pack?

The Sword Bundle Pack is a very cool resource pack that contains multiple different texture sets for swords in Minecraft! There are a variety of texture sets in this pack, there are example images of all of them below!

This is the Short set, it's the normal vanilla sword textures, just shortened!

This is the Flat set, it's like the Short set but the end has a flat look!

This is the Crossworlds set, this is a more fantasy-styled set!

This is the Medieval set, this is a medieval-style for the swords!

This is the Faithful set, it is a 32x texture set for all of the swords!

This pack was created by AsplodingWafflez

This pack also works well with my other pack:

Bow Charge Indicator  by AsplodingWafflez

Youtube: Asplodingwafflez

Join the discord server to stay updated on new packs and give your input!!!!


Select version for changelog:


v2 Changelog

  • Added 2 new texture sets (Medieval and Faithful)!
  • Added Discord server link to the page!!!!


How to download!

What are the steps?

  1. Click the link depending on what platform you are using. If mobile then the (PE) option will come up.
  2. You will be brought to a website that will have 1 - 2 easy steps to do to get to the download!
  3. After completing, you will be brought to the download!

Comment on any changes you want to see made or if you have any suggestions for this pack :)


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how do i get the faithful swords ?
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nevermind thx for bring back memorys of a simple time
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MinecraftAddonLover March 29, 2021 at 9:52 pm
Is it now compatible with 1.16.220?
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MinecraftAddonLover March 20, 2021 at 8:45 am
Hi please update to minecraft 1.16.220 or is it working already?
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Can I use this bundle pack for something I'm making? I'll give credit promise:)
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Haven’t tried it yet, but you should add a medieval style set. Also, are you gonna do the same thing for other tools, such as the axe, pickaxe, etc?
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Great idea! and yes I'm planning on making a version for tools.
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