Published on February 22, 2020 (Updated on February 22, 2020)

CSO Crosshairs Pack

This pack brings all 5 crosshairs from the game "Counter-Strike Online". They are also changeable by clicking the pack and selecting which crosshair you want! sadly, all crosshairs are in white colour,



Supported Minecraft versions


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i cant download it cos of the ad pls fix it or something
You half to download it in safari
You half to download it in safari

Where do you see the CSO Crosshairs Pack Settings? I’m on Minecraft Bedrock iOS iPad. I looked through all the settings and couldn’t find it.
Click on the pack itself and you will see a wrench icon.
Its actually really good, just i don't really understand why the heart bar needs to get the default texture, i actually tried to match "multipixel" (32x32) and this togheter. Anyways i whould be very thankful if u could fix it :) anyways Amazing job!
I feel your pain about hearts, I don't like them as well. But you see, this pack is only here to bring the 5 cross hairs from CSO ?. You can edit the hearts by going into the texture files of the cross hairs though :)
Can you please make a texture pack that displays the cardinal direction (north, west, south, east) your facing under your coordinates. I'd Love that, it could be really useful.

Also, i really like this texture pack. sometimes i just get annoyed of only having the +.
Works great, these little kids just don't know how to skip an ad
Works great, these little kids just don't know how to skip a simple ad
smh the ad is very annoying
the ad won't let me click anything it's just a malware website
For those who like the Retro NES texture pack but don't like the crosshair, placing this on top may very well fix the problem, going to test.
yip bop bop slang bang dop gop yop pow slam