Published on November 02, 2020 (Updated on February 11, 2021)

Custom Damage Particles V2

Have you ever wished that bedrock edition had more cool PVP/aesthetic features like the Java Edition? Or maybe you wish to spruce up your bedrock PVP experience, then this pack is perfect for you. Whenever you or another player take damage, unique particles emit. You can choose between now 22 total different settings and color options for even further customizability. 

Custom damage particles version 2 comes with 22 total different subpacks. Choose between the default color (the marine-green color from the original java edition sharpness particles ), red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, black, whiterainbow,  epilepsy (flickering black and white), bouncing bubbles, blood, blitz, java edition melee hearts, music notes, and HD default (texture by Tory). You are also given the ability to add multipliers to the default and rainbow colors for a more dramatic PVP experience.

If you wish to change the color and amount of particles, you can do so in your global resource settings under subpack options by clicking the gear icon in the bottom right of the pack  (you likely will have to restart your game for the change to take effect!)

The damage particle pack also works on all your favorite as well as featured servers, like the Hive, Cubecraft, Mineplex, etc.

Example of the rainbow damage particles (they're animated!)

Example of the epilepsy setting.

Example of the pink color for damage particles.

example of the new blood damage particles - inspired by Hypixel.

example of the java edition melee heart damage particles.

Example of the blitz particles (inspired by the acidic blitz PVP
texture pack). I recommend using this damage particle with any PVP texture pack for best appearance.

example of the bubbles damage particles (this subpack is sort of a joke so don't take this one seriously).

(+ more new particle effects!)

Known issues: Your custom capes/geometry may break when using this pack! Please don't message me asking to fix it!

If you plan to use my pack or the contents of it for your own publicly distributed resource pack/client, you MUST:

1) ask me for permission first
2) link this original MCPEDL post
3) credit me and link my Youtube channel 

My contacts:
discord: ambient#2309 (business purposes only)
my discord server (

Select version for changelog:


many bug fixes
-reduced pack size significantly
-code optimizations
-particles no longer emit on you if youre in 1st person
-9 different subpacks added
-disclaimer and contacts updated

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Pls fix invisible cape bug in this
it's not a bug. you can't have damage particles and capes at same time
plz make it so that they wont emit when you do a crit attack
2nd comment, or if u want, I'm not gonna use it, I'll just put the link on my desc to this page , deal? that's
Uhm, hello?can I use ur pack? I'll do as the instructions said, just want a screenie for proof that u accepted hehe
I'll put ALL the credits in my Credits.txt file of my pack, btw it's my 75 subs pack So if u want to see it download it when it's released so u see my credits, now bye!(just reply ples)
what about NetherGames,HyperLand,smp server is it only hive, there is alot server than hive i mean porpular is hive but other games,or like other server Like other thing than hive but i meann....the one i though pvp and stuff.but I like it Keep up the Good👍!
It works everywhere. and on any server.
They used hive to showcase it
I like it very much.
Hello,Can I add this pack and Animated Cosmetics to my PVP pack?
May i use this for my pack?
I would gladly link your yt and mcpedl
Ps i have not made this pack public yet
Must be honest, I use the heart ones legit every time I go to turn this pack on
I like it but when I have my Cosmetics texture packs on I cant see them pls try to fix it :D
I love the heart particle nice!!!!!!
It's great and works perfectly, sadly it disables the visibility of my cape ;-;
honesty I love the bubbles one it makes my game look sooo lively I hope you make more versions of it