Custom Floating Text Add-on

Floating text is a very useful feature for servers, realms, or maps. However, it is only available through mods or third-party plugins. With this add-on you can easily display text in the air without using signs or name tags!

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  • Updated add-on to work on the latest version of Minecraft.
  • The add-on is now survival-friendly.
  • Changed the method of renaming the floating text.


Supported Minecraft versions

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where is the download link bro
i think you should make it so that when you put dye on it changes to that colour
red color §4, blue §1,§b, orange §5 etc...
That's not possible with behavior packs
Hicertman2 (NET64 FAN) December 20, 2019 at 4:09 am
You should make the custom mob can be summoned from the commands. If it can, then tell me how to summon it like "/summon (example):custom_floating_text ~~~"
Anonymous Person :) October 13, 2019 at 7:07 pm
The rabbit isn’t invisible and I can hit it! Is this a bug?
Henry None ya damn bidness October 03, 2019 at 2:06 am
why the heck dosent the behaviour pack work? I downloaded it changed the file to .zip extracted the files and found behaviour pack and resource pack so I deleted resource pack installed it into game and does not work wtf
the name of the mob wont show lol
this was meant to be a reply, i dont know why it appered as a comment...
Uhhh 1.10 is old ...
Finally some nice holograms but there is a bug when somebody goes in adventure mode and tries to punch it the game/server crashes i would really like to see a fix for it because i have to use barrier blocks for now.
Hey, its even when you even get close to it which is a pain. I would love to use this again in my world but for now i have to use the always show name tags add on.
I found a bug when i spawned a zombie, wolf or pig. the game crashes when i spawned them.
how u change the color of the text?
Can i use it as a waypoint?
useless just throw invisible potion to mob and name the mob easy
well not so useless if you don't know how to use commands to give it infinite invisibility or you want it to have no hitbox
1: names are hidden when it has invisibility, you must use an invisible texture
2: you can only see the name when you point at it IF you use a normal mob
the entity added here has a special ability
U didnt get the resource pack cause they removed it you now only need the b. pack! :D
The text can float if you build then add text on stack of blocks then break the blocks and it will still be floating! :D