Published on November 18, 2019 (Updated on November 28, 2019)

Cuter Vanilla Pigs

If you dislike the Vanilla Minecraft pig model/texture as much as I do, you might enjoy my resource pack! This resource pack adds a new model and texture for the pig – which will function as normal.

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Thank you to the community member who pointed out I forgot to add the texture for the saddled pig! I hope you can forgive me, and as an apology, I made a complete model for the saddle. I hope this is acceptable my friends!

  • Added a saddle model and saddle texture for the saddled pig!

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rename this to Ugly vanilla pigs
Where is the link?
I absolutely adore all of your models. I really appreciate your work and hope you continue on to do more!!
Jillian you are the absolute sweetest! You compliment has truly warmed my heart. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to be so kind to a complete stranger!
just needs horses
YESSS!!! I am working on them now, wish me luck :D
All your animals models are so pretty❤
Xq no haces un addon de granja con todos los modelos de los mobs cambiados y co más plantas, frutas con sus respectivos árboles o matorrales? Y más cosas para una granja?
¡Esa es una idea fantástica! He estado trabajando en un "componente agrícola", pero no había pensado en más alimentos / plantas. ¡Definitivamente lo consideraré mi amigo! ????