Dark Mode

Dark Mode is a resource pack that adds a new dark appearance to the vanilla user interface!

  • Support for Bedrock Edition
  • Support for Java Edition *NEW!*
  • Designed to work in conjunction with vanilla textures

You can share this resource pack, but please refer others to my website or MCPEDL only.

Found a bug? Have a suggestion? Feel free to contact me!

Contact Offroaders123…

Changelog View more
  • Released Dark Mode for Java Edition! Feel free to send me any feedback or bug fixes :)
  • Downloads for Bedrock Edition are now direct from MCPEDL, I hope this helps everyone with the installation process!
  • Released Dark Mode for Java Edition! Feel free to send me any feedback or bug fixes :)
  • Downloads for Bedrock Edition are now direct from MCPEDL, I hope this helps everyone with the installation process!
  • (THIS ISNT AN UPDATE, I'm re-uploading the pack because of an error I was notified about)
  • Released Dark Mode for Java Edition! Feel free to send me any feedback or bug fixes :)
  • Downloads for Bedrock Edition are now direct from MCPEDL, I hope this helps everyone with the installation process!
  • Edited Panorama user interface textures to align with the v1.14 Buzzy Bees Update
  • Removed redundant files
  • Worked on opening release for Java Edition
  • Added a Fat Chest equivalent of user interface textures from v1.13.1
  • Added missing values to the Global Variables index
  • Added Screen Reader and Agent Touch Button user interface textures
  • Added Gamerpic user interface texture
  • Edited all Empty Item Slot user interface textures to be a dark shade of gray
  • Edited Empty Brewing Stand Bottle, Horse Armor, and Saddle Slot user interface textures to align with the v1.10 Texture Update
  • Edited Empty Loom Dye Slot user interface texture to align with the Java Edition equivalent
  • Edited Construction, Equipment, Search, Crafting, and Armor Section Tab user interface textures to align with the v1.10 Texture Update
  • Edited Minecraft Logo user interface texture to have a better shade of gray
  • Edited Screen Safe Area Corner user interface textures
  • Edited Radio Selection user interface textures
  • Updated Pack Manifest to Format Version 2
  • Developed new and improved pack description
  • Removed redundant code and files
  • Added Loading Screen Background user interface textures for various screens
  • Added Back Button Background Color user interface texture
  • Added Storage Screen Arrow user interface textures
  • Renamed Effect Screen user interface textures
  • Updated support for text color elements
  • Removed redundant files
  • Developed new and improved pack screenshots
  • Added Villager Trading user interface textures
  • Added Village and Pillage Update Panorama user interface textures
  • Added Loom user interface textures
  • Added Friends Tab user interface textures
  • Added Skin Picker user interface textures
  • Added Touch Scrollbar user interface texture
  • Added Down Arrow user interface texture
  • Edited Effect Icon user interface textures to align with the v1.10.0 Texture Update
  • Edited Empty Horse Slot Saddle user interface texture to align with the v1.10.0 Texture Update
  • Fixed the absence of missing toggles in the world edit screen
  • Fixed Sale Banner text color
  • Fixed Accessibility Section user interface texture
  • Removed unnecessary files to reduce pack size
  • Added a link to my new and improved website on the Dark Mode MCPEDL post
  • Added Normal Button Thin Stroke user interface texture
  • Removed all references, features, and images associated with Faithful 32x
  • Added Experience Bar user interface textures
  • Added Enchantment Table Button user interface textures
  • Added Container Progress Indicator user interface textures
  • Edited Empty Bottle user interface texture
  • Edited Sale Banner user interface texture


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16 (beta)



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122 Responses

4.41 / 5 (39 votes)
  1. For everyone having trouble downloading Dark Mode, I was notified that MCPEDL was having some trouble with the upload/download process. This should be resolved within the next day or two. 🙂

  2. Guest-8766766169 says:

    Link doesn’t work

  3. Guest-7772781279 says:

    It says “download error” pls help

  4. Guest-9942953806 says:

    mediafire link pls

  5. Guest-8978714786 says:

    Hey, I love the look of this texture pack. However I cant get it on my xbox one? I was looking through the comments and people said they could, do you know how to?
    Thanks in advance!

  6. Chr7st says:

    Hello, I love the idea of this Pack! And I make packs myself. I would like to know if I could use it for my pack? If I can how can I somehow credit you correctly?

    • Definitely! Feel free to use Dark Mode with your own resource packs. The best way to credit me would be to mention my name and add a link to this MCPEDL post somewhere after. Thanks for asking! 🎉

  7. Guest-2869957800 says:

    Can you make 32×32 Resolution? I really like it with Faithful Texture Pack, Thanks!!!

  8. Guest-2341201758 says:

    Can we have mediafire plz

  9. Guest-9488247356 says:


  10. For everyone having trouble downloading my resource packs from Google Drive, I am going to start uploading them to MCPEDL instead. Sorry for the troubles you many have had! 🤝

  11. Guest-4046739412 says:

    100th comment!!!!!

  12. Guest-9543747847 says:

    Mediafire plz

  13. Tal Melamed says:

    This is really amazing! but there is a bug when an effect (potion for example) appears on the side of the screen – texture issue basically. Other than that, 100/100!

    • Thanks! Do you have any more info on how to replicate the effect icon bug? I haven’t had any issues with it myself, but multiple people have brought it up to me, so it is definitely an issue.

  14. Guest-7964185935 says:

    Hey uhh the texture for potion effects are weird

  15. HunterBlinxYT says:

    I put this on my global resources, I wanted to change it so I could go on my world, but when I went to global resources, there was nothing there, so I cannot disable it HELP!!!

  16. Zhao Dan says:

    Me Gustó, Además Descansa Visualmente

  17. Carson says:

    I love the texture pack, however I have a suggestion. I use this for my Android phone and love the dark mode. One of the things I was really hoping for was when you break a block, the breaking circle (showing where you tap the screen on Minecraft PE) would be darkened or black.
    I’m not one for coding or anything but maybe use an “If ___ then ___.” Statement so it doesn’t interfere with console/ PC players.
    EX: If _Touchscreen_ then _breaking circle dark_. (I know this is not real code, I just don’t actually know the code😂

    • That’s a great idea! I will start working on that for the next update of Dark Mode. It actually would be fairly simple to implement, and it would make the gameplay experience much better for mobile users. Thanks for the suggestion! 😮

  18. Enrique says:

    Link caido

  19. Golden says:

    The Green Check Mark In The Resource Pack Is Not Appearing idk if its just me the green check mark is beside the “Deactivate” when u dont want to use a texture pack anymore

  20. Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemuhwem Osas Globglogabgalab says:

    uhh it says it’s 1.13 and it’s in a archive file and i need a zip file…

  21. Shane says:

    Are you going to update it to the 1.14 background?

  22. BigClarky says:

    Google Drive is very slow but thank you for updating this

  23. GoldenFlare says:

    Keep Up The Good Work!!

  24. ItzBlue72 says:

    Nice! Glad to see someone continue my work. Minecraft Bedrock should have this as a built-in option!

  25. Anonymous says:

    how to download on windows 10 pc???

  26. Peut etre says:

    Thank you for this! Works very well on iOS.

  27. kadvaru says:

    thanks so much for this, ever since i got this pack i havent deactivated it. great for playing at night since the default mc interface is bright white, will continue to use this as long as it works

  28. ItalianMiner92 says:

    I LOVE IT!!

  29. Foxface says:

    I really like this texture pack, now it’s hard to play without it.

  30. Arkethel says:

    I really like this resource pack! It really fits in well with my substratum theme!

  31. kadvaru says:

    thank you for making this, it looks stylish and removes one of the things which always bugged me about bedrock edition (which is a really bright UI). so far all the menus work and it’s consistent across all of them, so its a solid 5 stars from me 🙂

  32. BananaBomb says:

    I like it! But the pause button crashes the game in beta 2 tho

  33. Supertestla says:

    Can you upload the file to mediafire because I’m trying to copy the resource pack to minecraft but he button wont appear and I’ve had better experience with mediafire

  34. Cromtch says:

    I love this so much, the only problem is it doesn’t work on a pre-existing map like my survival world. If I make a creative world or play in a user made world like escape rooms or parkour it works, but not for survival

  35. TheKingFire says:

    Offroaders123, please fix, i downloaded but NOT working your file is wierdest name: 1-CSjqUX_oZFqVKq24y0bmJ1KnhhYTGFY
    and CAN’t open file. Thank you

    • Sorry for the inconvenience! Feel free to contact me through the feedback page on my website (it is linked on my MCPEDL profile page), and I will send you the file by email 📩

  36. PlumbCarton5607 says:

    Great, but not great for mutiplayer, it chrashes my friends tablet even when “force players to have same resours packs” is off
    (It’s a xiaomi mi pad btw)

  37. Grieferus says:

    I am noob at making resource packs.
    So please, help me replace all the buttons in menus to PC without changing menus’ design.

    • I’d be happy to help! Feel free to contact me through the feedback page on my website (it is linked on my MCPEDL profile page) for more information about general resource pack info.

  38. MCPE Beta 1.13 says:

    Will you:restore faithful 32x in mcpe dl

  39. JsetzGaming says:

    Great! Works perfect with iOS 13 interface

  40. The people with hope says:

    Hey it woud be lovely if you add a black sky in this texture pack

  41. BMA12YT says:

    Thank you for this DARK MODE this is lit!!!

  42. Submitted for review! 😮

  43. The updated version of Dark Mode for v1.11 is planned to be posted later this week!
    Testing is still in progress 😉

  44. Blitz says:

    Can u make a .zip form of the texture pack?

    • The .mcpack file extension can be renamed to .zip if you want to unzip the pack’s contents 👍🏼
      I recommend ES File Explorer for editing on Android, and Documents by Readdle for editing on iOS.

  45. Despacitoman says:

    Please make a light blue version

  46. AGuyWithAStick says:

    Good UI’s, I have a suggestion could you make text darker too

  47. Ahmad Habibie says:

    hi creator! why you removed all references, features, and images associated with Faithful 32x?

  48. BlueSlimeMC says:

    Why did you remove the faithful mode??

  49. JaguarLord says:

    noice! even though i havent downloaded it

  50. Same says:

    This really helps (I have photophobia so this really help.)

  51. Gatorzgaming says:

    It makes Minecraft crash in 1.8 IDK why

  52. Nicolas says:

    Já pensou em criar opção de mudar a cor? Exemplo: Branco, azul, verde…

  53. S3v3N says:

    I found a bug connected with Faithful. It’s hard to explain.. You can see it here:

  54. Umbreon2020 says:

    I’m in 1.9 and it didn’t work

  55. YukkiRito says:

    Nice (but it’s veryyyy dark)

  56. Minecrafterz says:

    I love dark theme

  57. qAleks says:

    I’m really enjoying this texture! Good work! 🙂

  58. Pikachu says:

    It doesn’t work. I applied it to resources and the menus are still white. If it isnt supported for 1.5.3 plz update it

  59. EndLord says:

    This Looks AWESOME!

    • Offroaders123 says:

      Thanks! If you see any visual bugs, please comment them here. I am currently fixing a few minor bugs right now 🙂

      • Pikachu says:

        It didnt work. I applied it to global resources and its still white. if it isnt supported for 1.5.3 plz update it

        • Offroaders123 says:

          Sorry it isn’t working for you. Possibly try reinstalling the pack and applying it again. Personally I have had no issues with using it on 1.5.3 myself, so I’m not sure what would cause that.

  60. Prokkio says:

    Hola soy prolijo

  61. Ervin Ulises Sánchez espinosa says:

    Ola soy prokkio

  62. Mine-Hunter says:

    hi creator pls add buttons dark mode

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